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My whole family was in Colorado this weekend(In Breckenridge to be exact) so we decided to make the trek to Denver and go to Six Flags Elitch Gardens. We got to the park at about 10:30. We could have gotten there earlier if we could have found our way into the park without going all over to see where the entrance was! The entrance is one of the hardest things to find! But we finally got their and paid the outragous parking fee and got into the park. I liked how you entered into an indoor area with shops and such. It was pretty cool and had a nice atmosphere. After walking down the main street we headed towards our first roller coaster of the day...

Mind Eraser

The line was not long at all for this one, and we made it up to the station in about 15 minutes. I hadn't heard too many good things about these roller coasters, so I wasn't really expecting anything much. We boarded the pretty comfortable trains and were off up the lift hill. I really really liked the drop towards the ground. It got more and more banked until you were practically parallel to the ground. And then we twisted through the loops and all of the turns. I loved how the whole ride was so close together and compact. There was a couple of times where I had to lift my legs up because I thougth they were going to get hit. Now I had heard that these rides are extremely rough and I would like to say that I didnt feel much banging at all on it. There was a few times where my head hit the restraint, but that has to be natural. Personally I like my coasters a little rough rather than smoother than glass. It's more thrilling! So for me, I loved this ride!

Pros: Great drop, compact, intense, minimal headbanging, very cool near misses with supports

Cons: Some transitions were awkward(this is where I experienced the worst headbanging)

Rating: 9/10, great, compact, intense roller coaster. This one has a bad rep that it really doesn't deserve, IMO

After getting off of Mind Eraser, we headed down the path. We ended up by Boomerange, which we decided to skip because we had already ridden 2 of these. We saw the Half-Pipe(or perhaps heard it, damn that thing is loud!) had a pretty long line so we decided we would save that for later. We headed along further and got in line for...

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

I had ridden ThunderHawk at Worlds of Fun and loved it so much, so I knew that I had to ride this one. We got in a surprisingly long line, but made it on the ride anyway since the car can hold so many people. The ride operator was pretty cool, although he took a long time to let us on the ride. When I got up there, I already saw somethings that I didnt like. Seats everywhere that were torn, broken seats with "Sit Somewhere Else" or something to that effect written on them, and rust all over the ride itself. You would think that they would take a little better care of the ride, but what can you do. ThunderHawk at WOF looks soooooo nice, so I guess I am just spoiled. The ride was great like I thought, I especially liked how it stopped you and hung you at the bottom. The ride operator let us go twice because there was no one in line, so that was cool.

Pros: Intense ride, loved when it would hang you upside down, Cool ride operator

Cons: Broken and ripped up seats(take better care of it!), rust, restraints hurt a little bit on some flips(I feel this on ThunderHawk too, so it must be the norm)

Rating: 7.5/10, very cool intense ride, but it just looked like crap! Clean the rust off of it and fix the seats and it will look and run much better!

After getting off of Shake, Rattle, and Roll, we saw some people riding some wood behind it and decided we wanted some of that action...

Twister II

We got in the non existent line and wound our way through the que. I just loved how the que was decorated with weeds, and prison type chain link fences. It really made you feel welcome and want to ride the coaster. And oh yeah, the paint peeling off of the wood was also a nice touch. If you havnt gotten it by now, I am being sarcastic. This line NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS some landscaping help. How about some grass, and flowers, perhaps even a fountain. And come one, this is one coaster that needs some attention givin to it. It felt like it was an abandoned, neglected coaster in the back of an abandoned, neglected park. Give this puppy some love and paint the damn thing! But enough with that, on to the coaster. The line was only up in the station but it took a while because they were only running one train. There was a girl behind me freaking out on the lift hill because she was scared. And when we went down the hill, she was screaming bloody murder! I was mainly laughing the whole time at the girl but the ride surprised me. From what I had heard, the ride just plain sucked, but I liked it alot. The first drop was rather unique, and all of the turns and hills were pretty fast. None of them really had the air or forces that I was looking for though. One of the best parts was the tunnel, because it was fairly long and you were going up and down a hill. All in all, this was an enjoyable coaster!

Pros: Unique first drop, double up, the tunnel, some awesome banked turns

Cons: Looks like CRAP! Wether it was the chipping paint, or the rampant weed problem, or it could have even been the big old chain link fence that made you feel like you were in a prison. GIVE THIS COASTER THE CARE IT DESERVES!

Rating: 7/10, pretty good coaster experience, horrible atmosphere!

After getting off Twister II we headed to the big foot court place(Can't think of the name) and had some horribly overprice Subway. After eating our horrible overpriced Subway we head towards the front of the park. We went around the Batman building and were confronted with a the airport...

The Flying Coaster

This one also had a short, short line. After waiting for 5 minutes, were were in the car and waiting to go up the hill. I liked the hill how you went around in circles until you got to the top. Definetely unique, and pretty cool. The coaster on the other hand was......just so-so. I liked some of the hills and such, but the transitions were so quick and jerky that my body was flung around the car. As I type I have bruises on my shoulder from this coaster. And when we went over the barrel rolls I really did feel like I was going to fall out. The turns near the bottom and the end of the coaster were a little more spread out and therfore the coaster was much smoother than near the top of it. Basically, if this thing was spread out alot more, than it could be alot smoother and much less rough. I know I said that I liked my coasters a little rougher, but this one just downright hurt me. I rode it a second time, and was more towards the middle, so I wasnt thrown around so much, so I enjoyed it a little more, but altogether this one was nothing special. I guess when you have ridden Superman, than nothing can beat the flying experience.

Pros: Cool lift hill, nice little first drop, felt more like flying near the bottom with more spread out turns.

Cons: Overobtrusive cars(do we really need a freaking shield in front of us??), jerky and very rough transitions, too short(needs to be more spread out)

Rating: 6/10, this coaster just downright hurt. Shame that Elitch Gardens didn't get a GOOD flying coaster because a good one could have really bolstered its coaster collection...

After hobbling off of The Flying Coaster, we went over to the stairmaster...


Getting up to the platform was a ride in itself. :) There was a 5 minute line for this one too, so we were on in a jiffy. We sat near the back, and were off. I loved, loved, loved the air that we got in the back on the drop. The loop was rather intense as well. And the air going backwards was amazing as well. This was the kind of air that I was looking for on Twister II! Even though the ride was really short, it surprised me at how intense and air-filled the ride experience was! Pretty cool ride!

Pros: Great air, intense loop, fairly smooth

Cons: Very short....

Rating: 8/10, lots of air and intense loop make for a cool coaster, the shortness of it brings it down a few notches.

After walking down all the stairs we decided to relax and watch the Batman show........big mistake I guess. We could have been out there riding roller coaster instead of watching this peace of garbage. Yay, I get to watch people lip sync and drive motorcycles in circles. I say demolish this whole stadium, and then demolish The Flying Coaster and build a nice B&M flying coaster! Who is with me? Anyways, we were all pretty hot after we got out of the garbage show, so we headed over to Disaster Canyon, only to be met with a 2 hour wait. No thank you ma'am. So we headed over to Shipwreck Falls to be met with a 10 minute wait. Now that is my kind line...

Shipwreck Falls

Hot damn, this ride has an amazingly huge splash. We were sitting in the boat waiting to go and the other boat came down and the splash reached us on the platform. So we were already soaked before the ride even started! Once the ride did get started we got even more soaked when we went down the hill and splashed in the water. I really like how when the water hit the bridge it created a waterfall that the boat had to go under. It got you even more wet! When we got off the ride, we ran so we wouldnt get soaked on the bridge but of course we were too late! By the time we were done with this area, are clothes were being weighed down with water, and our shoes were filled with water!

Pros: Huge splash and gets you very very soaked, good efficency makes for short line

Cons: ...

Rating: 10/10, this felt GREAT because of the 100 degree weather, and the whole ride was just very fun and enjoyable. And the short line def. helped!

We decided since we were over here that we would ride on the big ol' Half-Pipe...


The line was shorter than it was before, but this one doesn't have the best capacity, so it was just about a 30 minute wait. The coaster was so loud that it was kind of intimidating. But then again it wasn't that big at all, so I wasn't sure whether to dismiss this ride or be scared of it. We finally got up to the station and strapped into the "pods" as they called them. It starts off slow and you go up 1/4 of the tower, then the LIMs really kick in and you go flinging up the side of the next tower. This lasts for a couple of times up to towers and then the brakes kick in. I really really liked how intense it was towards the bottom because of the LIMs speeding you up. You would just get sucked down in your seat. And did I mention that you are spinning the whole time??? My only complaint is that the ride was a bit too short(In the ride time, and the height). But for the size of the coaster, it really packed a punch and REALLY surprised me!

Pros: Very intense, great air, really fun spinning while going up and down, possibly the coolest car in coaster history!

Cons: A bit to short(Height and Ride time)

Rating: 9/10, intense and a bunch of air for its size. If it was taller, it could easily be a 10/10. But for its size, it really surprised me!

And that was pretty much it. On our way out we rode the ferris wheel, and Im not gonna review that. The park surprised me! It was ALOT better than I had heard and expected it to be. Even though it is small, its rides and coasters are pretty good.

The Park

Rating: 8/10, pretty good amount of rides, and pretty good quality rides for its size! Could definetely use some improvements, but its not as bad as I heard it was


-Well, like I touched on before, the area by Twister II needs ALOT of attention. Cut all of those weeds, put in some planters with flowers, plant some grass and flowers, a fountain, a better, nice fence, some trees. All of this could do SOOOOO much to improve the look and feel of the the area. And please, for Gods sake, paint the whole damn coaster. This coaster and the grounds around it could look beautiful, but right now it looks like a prison yard!

-Go around and replace all of the broken seats and cars on some of the rides, namely Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Also, clean all of the rides and paint over the rust and such. This could make a huge difference. You want to cater to your guests, and to me it looks like the park wants to be a ghettoville in some places.

-This park needs alot more shade. Over by the Flying Coaster, it is all concrete. Would it kill them to plant some flowers and trees? The heat was killing me, and I couldn't find shade anywhere. The misters helped alot though.

I think that just even these improvements could help out the park alot. I liked the park for what it had to offer, and it was one of the nicer Six Flags, but I feel like it had so much potential and could be alot nice if some of the rides were cared for better. The park was alot better than I thought it would be and heard that it was, and I would def. go back if they added another big roller coaster.

The grownup in me likes the prospect of fun, but the kid in me is suicidal over what a fat bastard I'll become. -Peter, Family guy.
Nice trip report, I like the way you arrainged it. I, too don't think SLC's (Mind Eraser) are that bad. I hate when people just give it a 1/10 or an F just for the sake of doing so.

I was going to go to Six Flags Elitch Gardens but then my summer plans got changed. It seems like neat a little park though. I would like to ride Half Pipe one day or see a larger one built.

I did, however, get to ride Knoebels "Twister," which used the same plans as Twister 1 at the old Elitch Gardens... *** Edited 7/15/2004 5:25:45 AM UTC by Willh51***

Great overview of the park, it's coasters, and where you think overall improvements should be made. I agree with you almost all of them except the SLC, which I got a lot of headbanging on. We sat backseat on Sidewinder and got massive air on the drop. I literally watched my cross necklace come out from under my shirt neck and float down with me. We also didn't have much of a line for The Flying Coaster. As a matter of fact, we didn't have any line for it. There was absolutely no one over by it. I don't know what the deal is but maybe the locals are wise to the fact that this thing hurts. Glad you had a good time at the park and next time you are in Denver, hit Lakeside.

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