Six Flags doing away with coupon books

Six Flags is not doing the coupon books for seasonpass holders. You now have to register online for your discounts and rewards here:

I never had a coupon book from anywhere that I actually kept track of in order to use.

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I had a Six Flags pass 3 years in a row and never got their coupon book. Mind you I got my pass during October at Great Adventure, but they said it would be mailed to me in the spring. When spring came, I found out you had to go to the park to pick it up (but I wouldn't be there again until the following October). The next year they were supposed to *email* the coupons, which also never happened. The third year I forget what the story was, but by then I'd stopped caring. Now that I didn't renew my pass, they're finally doing it online. Oh well.

I liked having the actual coupon book since it was easy to leave in the car and did not have to think about what coupon you might want to use before going to the park (except for the bring a friend free coupons that you know when you will use them before leaving).

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I keep mine for 20 years and sell them on eBay. So far every one has sold.

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Didn't cedar fair also have a coupon book in it's getaway guide for Cedar Point? I don't think they do any more. Almost everything is done online these days, which means that you have to waste more time going to guest relations to find out exactly what you will be getting, even if you print their coupons at home. Which of course still have to be validated.

It could be possible that their reasons for doing so, may be to further curb ticket scalpers from cashing on on selling those perks to anyone. A friend and I went to Great America in Chicago, and there were ticket scalpers in the parking lot selling admission tickets for $20.00 a pop, when admission was over $32.00. They were also selling buy one get one free coupons for $5.00 each. Which I was very surprised they were not arrested.

Apparently these guys, buy massive amounts of tickets at the group rate, and then turn around and sell them for a small profit on each ticket. They were selling those tickets, and coupons like crazy. My friend and I bought the Buy one get one coupon once, and the next time, my friend bought an admission ticket from a scalper, while I paid full price, minus my $10.00 discount with a soda can, and still paid more than my friend did.

Funny thing was, my friend was pissed because Six Flags would not accept his can. I told him, you can't use your can when you already bought the ticket you moron. You use the can when you buy the ticket, not afterwards! He is not very smart upstairs.

As for season pass deals, I did not find anything in the Cedar Fair pass that I was interested in. The only good deal was at MA on the all you can eat Buffet, and the deal I got on the ST on ride photos there. Found nothing of value at Cedar Point.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Timber-Rider said:

Found nothing of value at Cedar Point.

Buy 2 Cheese On A Stick, get a free large drink. That's a pretty good deal, if you don't take into account the enormous price hike on the CHOaST last year.

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I do believe it was actually, buy cheese on a stick, got 2 regular drinks.

Also, $6.99 for the fry deal, which was amazing. Chili-Cheese fries, plus a regular un-topped order of fries and 2 regular drinks.

Let's not forget the 1/2 dozen of the HUGE cookies from CJ's Provisions for $6 deal. That wasn't bad, either.

I never cashed in, but there was a free regular drink with a hot dog at Pinks, and 2 free soft drinks with purchase of 2 stuffed pretzels from The Gazebo. It goes on and on. I didn't even realize half this stuff was on there because I never got around to taking advantage of it.

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Yeah, I thought CP had some great deals last year.

That fry deal was insane.

And people have to eat. Right?...

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I knew nothing about the fry deal until I heard it from you, Gonch. I was really amazed that, basically, you purchase a Chili Cheese fry and get a regular fries and 2 drinks for free.

That's completely un-CP like, and it was a kick ass deal.

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I don't like chili-cheese on my fries at all, but I still paid for that deal because it was still worth it to order "chili-cheese fries" with "no chili" and "no cheese". I'd usually have to repeat and explain the order at least 3 times before the bewildered international employees would catch on, but eventually I'd end up with what I wanted to pay for. Lord help me when I chose to pay extra for garlic parmesan topping on my order.

I'd much rather have Cedar Point's season-long specials than deal with clipping coupons for my visits.

- R.A

Jeph with a ph hipped me to the fries deal one day when we were there. I don't care for chili fries so it worked out well. Everyone got what they wanted, and it made a good lunch.
I stand by CP fries to this day, and they'll always be my favorite. Kennywood, Schmennywood.

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I had the same problem explaining the no chili arrangement, and 50% of the time they got it wrong.

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I never thought to do that. Usually, I'd just give my friends the chili fries, and I'd load the plain ones up with vinegar and salt.

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I used a pretty unique approach with the deal.

I ate the chili fries.

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I must have visited the park after you guys "confused" everyone :). They usually asked if i wanted the chili and cheese on the side (little plastic cups). We hit this deal up the most, followed by a close second cheese on a stick deal.

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Since this is my first year with a Cedar Fair platinum pass, I have to ask, do they have offer discounts like the Six Flags coupon book? Are they physical or digital?

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Show your pass.

Rihard said:

Lord help me when I chose to pay extra for garlic parmesan topping on my order.

At least they let you. Most times they always just told me no when I asked about "upgrading" to the parmesan fries. I think once they actually agreed to it, but I'm pretty sure they charged me the regular price.

Regardless, that deal was still the most amazing one they had. I hope it'll be back this year.

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