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I was in the area visiting my Dad for thanksgiving and of course I love going to SFDK. So we went there on Black Friday figuring it was going to be empty because everyone was going shopping. The park opened at 4 and we left from Sacromento at 3 thinking we would get there at opening. Wrong. We hit rush hour traffic and the park was packed.

We finally parked and decided to walk to the park instead of wait with everyone else for the tram. Finally in the park I remembered reading on Screamscape that ROAR, V2, and Medusa were all down for rehab and repainting(Medusa). So we gazed at the Christmas tree which was truly giant and we decided to go left while the rest of the mob went right towards Kong and Boomerrang Coast to Coaster. Going left the park was dead empty on that side and it was kind of eerie after being squeezed into the park with everyone else.

So we went by the little area where you go to V2 and ROAR and people were questioning the guy who worked there why V2 and Roar was blocked off and he pointed to the map which someone had whited out the whole section of the park. So we first went in the Shark Experience and then stopped in the new Thomas Town which was nice and seemed like it was done on a budget but didnt need anything. We rode the train and it took you around the Shark Experience thing and that was it. To get a credit we rode the little Loonytoons roller coaster which was very uneventful but number 108 for me so the trip was not totally wasted. Finally we went over towards Boomerang Coast to Coaster and it was packed, so we rode Tazmainian Devil a Huss something or another it was really well themed and had the lights on. We pretty much did that and left.

A side note was we saw a few trailers in the old Zonga concrete slab, can you say Tony Hawk's Big Spin, which the park had advertisements all over for.


We went here because I saw it on the side of the road heading to Reno earlier in the week, so we had to make a trip there. If you remember a while back Scandia is the park that does not allow screaming on their ride the Scandia Screamer (Extremely funny) which is a SS Screamin' Swing. My sister and I rode it and all I can say is ahhhhhh. I didnt know you flip upside down coming down from the top and then while the other people get off you get stuck at the top in the freezing cold wind, and having a fear of heights I can say it made the 15 per person ride worth it. Also on a side note you can get an all day pass for the ride for 30 dollars which I recommend because a few exits down the road is some waterpark with a Tornado slide and also a bunch of malls. The no screaming thing was pretty lame though.

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I'm glad you have some nice visits. Once correction, Scandia does not have a S&S Screamin' Swing. The ride you rode was a Gravity Works Skyscraper.

Doesnt Hershey or one of those Pennsylvania parks have one?

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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