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To start things off, I haven't posted in a while, due to my crackberry not having the ability to post, but I have been reading a lot of the boards, so I'm glad I am back.

So my dad buys my sister and I's passes online, and we head off to the park. We get there a little before 4 and we get our passes processed. This was my 6th Six Flags season pass, and my 4th in a row from a different park(SFNO,SFOG,SFMM, and now SFDK)

We started the day, by going to Medusa 4 train wait, my current #2 steel coaster. After riding Superman the Krypton Coaster, with its vibration, I thought that Medusa would surely drop in its ranking. Thank goodness I was wrong, this thing minus its location is a beast. It was smooth the whole way through, and my head didnt touch the restraint once. I think what makes this such a good roller coaster is the dive loop to zero g roll to messed up boomerang thing to useless midcourse brakes to corkscrews that dont bang your heads. 10/10

Next we went to ROAR, my #2 wood, we had about a 20 minute wait due to 1 train operation(which I suffered through by reading coasterbuzz on my phone), but they dispatched that thing in about a minute, it was awesome. It was had a very good out of control feeling to it, and my dad who didnt like it the last time he rode it, said I would go back and ride that again if there wasnt a wait. 9/10

After that my dad sat down and ate some popcorn while my sister and I got a walk on ride on V2, probably one of the just plain fun rides out there. We rode in the back and got some fun floater air on the back spike. 8/10 because the brakes came on way too early.

My sister and I are credit junkies, so we made sure we didnt miss a trip to snag Tony Hawk's Big Spin(#109) We ate popcorn during our wait and we finished the bag before our 15 minute wait was over. The ride was tons of fun, thank goodness my dad took his dramamine. It was 7/10, it was fun, but I kept slamming my head against the seat.

We walked to Hammerhead, but stopped to see the Walrus exhibit, the lady there knew her stuff and seemed like she really liked her job(I know a Six Flags employee liking their job?) We rode Hammerhead, it was pretty fun, but we ride it everytime, so it just has become a chore.

Now it was about 5:50, and we thought the park closed at 8, but appearently closed at 6. We went the back way around the park for the first time in our 7 visits, and I found out that they have a tilt a whirl, teacup ride, a butterfly garden, a raft ride back there. Oh and most importantly, it was the nicest part of the whole park, the only place I could compare it to, would be Busch Gardens. This is also where we found the greatest sign of all time. It had a picture of a lion cub and it said,"Odin likes to lick trees" We couldnt stop laughing until we went by the camels and the security guard told us that the park closed 10 minutes ago, but he was really nice about it.

So we left, great day, from the happy lady at the season pass booth, and all the security walking around, its a good sign. We didnt get to the crazy guy preaching about how roller coasters should be banned of the face of the earth and how they are dangerous, but we havent seen him in 2 years. The only thing that was kind of irritating was all the advertising, there was a giant Gieco banner on ROAR, but I guess Mark Shapiro has to make money for the company somehow. Day rating 10/10

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

I went back on Fathers Day (June 15th) in a group of 6, and it was the most crowded day I have ever seen, but everyone got in for free with our bring a friend for free coupons and our season parking passes. My Dad and his fiancee went off to watch shows while the rest of us went to go ride rides.

First ride of the day was the White Water Rafting thing, we got there right as it opened and waited 10 minutes at max, and we got mildly wet.

Next was Boomerang, which was my 111th credit, and it was pretty ok for a boomerang, not rough and it was walk-on, which was very suprising seeing how packed the park was.

After was Tazmanian Devil, which was a Huss I think Frisbee, which was fun.

We went to Medusa and we rode in the second row with about a 10 minute wait of course it was a 10/10 because it was so smooth and has the greatest collection of inversions out of any B&M out there.

That was our ride of the day, except we went to the Butterfly gardens, which were very nice, then we tried Tony Hawk's Big Spin, but the line was probably over an hour because it was out of the queue line.

Other notes: I saw Roar's queue stretch out of the station, wrapping around the building, which I have never seen before, being used. There was a band rocking out in front of Medusa, that was good, but they were on the heavy side, so I am not sure how they are family friendly. Since Im 16 and I was in a group, all about the same age as me, the people at that talent agency tent always try to stop us when were there. Anyone know if they are going to be there all year? Very good day, even though it was crowded.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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