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I went to Six Flags today with friends and family and got there around 11:00am. I had a season pass and when to get it processed and later found out it was closed. That started out the day with a bad note. Had to go through regular lines to get into the park and waited 20 minutes. I rode every ride in the park and there were up and downs in the park.

Superman Ride of Steel, was a good 30 minute wait all day long. They have more than two ride operators check your restraits. I actually liked the new restraits. Otherwise they were very slow at dispatching the trains taking 5 minutes at a time.

The Viper was a walk on all day with both trains running..

The Mind Eraser was a one train operation all day and long lines gave a good 20 minute wait.

The Predator was over all ok. It has gotten very rough over these past few years, otherwise was about 10-15 minutes.

The Boomerang was a good ride day. No waits at all.

For all the other rides in the park they were actually quite packed for a 10minute wait on each of them, unless they were a high capacity ride.

Poland Springs Plunge was the only ride closed. No water in the ride. It was in rehab or something.

The park was very clean and a excellent day with no rain and clouds. I noticed that all the employees were slow and very rude. They could have been a bit nicer. For a Wednesday I thought the park was actually very packed which is good for the park.

I do think Darien Lake needs to build something really soon because it gets boring year after year without a new ride. There are plenty of places to put new roller coasters with all the land they have. Overall for the day at the park I give it a 8/10. This park has a lot of potential to bloom like other Six Flag Parks.


Did Predator only have one train? They've been doing that alot this year, with the red train sitting by the exit, taken apart. Mind Eraser does that alot too and it would be much better for both of those rides if they'd run two.
The Predator was running both trains all morning long, but when it came night they would only use the red train. They would just send the black train around the course with no people. As for Mind Eraser it was just the blue train running and the red train sitting out.


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