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Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong area but i was wondering what was a good hotel/staying area in that area. I will be heading up saturday to buffalo. Can you tell me what is a good place to saty with the price please and thanks you.


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I would just stay at the Lodge on the Lake Hotel. The park is literally in the middle of no where, and that's the only decent hotel I can think of in the area.

If I were you I would go Sunday. Any other day but Saturday you'll find walk ons for every coaster, including Superman.

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SFDL On-Site Property

If I were under the same circumstances, those are the first three places I'd look. :)

Stay at the Lodge on the Lake Hotel (This is SFDL's on-site hotel), unless your up for a little bit of a drive to stay elsewhere I'd recommend SFDL's Hotel.

S:ROS = <3
The nearest marriott's and hiltons are all the way in suburbs of buffalo (ie: a 30 min drive on the thruway).. the closest hotels you'll find will be in Batavia NY, which is about 10 minutes away from the park... I have no experience or reviews for any of them however since i live nearbye, but most people tell me your best bet is just staying on-site at the lodge on the lake.
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If you're looking for cheap... stay at the Motel-6 or Super-8! Rates are cheap... but that is, if you're planning on hitting more than Darien Lake & going to the other area attractions closer to Niagara Falls.

This way, you'll be inbetween (or at least... closer to 'da Falls).

Oh... there is a Inn RIGHT OFF of the Exit 48-A, across the street from the T&A... what was it called again? I don't think it was Best-Western, but it might have been. D'oh! Either way, it should be cheaper than the Lodge-on-the-Lake... and it's only a few miles down the road from Darien.

OR... they do have some B&B's in the area. Where? Ida know... but I know in Darien Center or the adjoining town just South of Darien Lake State Park.

Late night - 3:52am - Wednesday

I'm putting the date and time becasue it's really late.

My first time at Darien Lake was in 99 or 2000, I can't really remember. Anyway, why can't people stand around the fence at the bottom of superman's drop?

IMO, this really hurts park visitors. I would love to eat a sandwich at lunch time in front of the drop and watch the train roar. I'm sure others feel the same way. I amagine there is a good reason.


nothing is stopping you from going up to the fence... if the gates are closed beyond S:ROS you can go around the predator on the path to the lodge and there is a path that goes down there...

simply put there is nothing over there but a bunch of concrete (well, back door to the administrative offices), and sometimes leftovers from the haunted attractions... that little patch of grass you see is pretty much all that is there, really.

... and maybe some rides.... some day...
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Yea, I got some good shots from that angle... I traversed the park through that area. It's left open because people from the Hotel have easy access back into the park by going around the lake.

From there you can follow the path around Predator, but there are no other fences (temporary or pernament) that would stop you from accessing the other areas that used to be picnic grounds.

HEY - uhh... ummm.. well... ummm.. you know what?... oh... okay.... hmmm... (*shivers*)... ummm. You know what?




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