Six Flags cuts ticket prices all over the place

SFOG - Prices cut $10 for Adult and Child tickets

SFOT & SFFT - Adult tickets available for Child's price (which had a price cut earlier this season)online only

SFKK - Prices down $10 to a low of $24.99

SFStL - Prices Cut $10

SFGAd - Prices Cut $10 - Limited Time

SFDK - Prices Cut $10

SFA - Child price cut $10 Adults buy one get one

SFNE - Prices cut $10

As usual the internet has great deals on tickets most now giving adult tickets at the price of a child.

Still waiting to see some news articles from SFMM and SFGAm (of the Six Flags branded parks). Interesting way to combat gas prices, hope this works for them. Its funny to see this after all the various Season Pass discounts and bonuses. Are these smart ticketing moves, or just a way to show numbers since Shapiro claimed this to be a put up or shut up year?

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Attendance doesn't mean anything if the per-cap or revenue is down.

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Great Adventure now at $49.99. Still overpriced.
SF isn't the only ones doing this. KI is offering 19.99 tickets at Krogers in Louisville/Lexington markets.

Im sure some of this is to help offset travel cost of people ruling out trips. If they want to do this. I think they need to slash parking fees and stuff to operate the lots at cost and not for profit.


Check the video in this topic. He says all them will do it.

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SFoG is $29.99 for adults and children if you buy online.

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They plan on making up the revenue lost on tickets sales by renting lockers at ride queues. :)

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