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Did anyone other than me notice that they are advertising coasters that aren't at parks.

For example I live near SFGAm and when I watch the commercial it has rides like Goliath and Kingda Ka in it and it was obvious that they made one commercial and the only difference is that that they put the different park names on the end of the commercial.

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This is nothing new, they have been doing it for years.

Six Flags makes taking picture and videos of rides seem like brain surgery. They would rather photoshop a picture of a coaster at another park to look like the new ride rather then taking photos of the new ride itself.

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Funny you should mention this... I was just watching Futurama and there was a commercial for Cedar Point featuring Snoopy. ("Ride On, Snoopy" to the tune of that stupid "Hang On, Snoopy" song.)

The thing is, all of the rides in the ad were from Knott's.

They obviously shot an ad for the whole chain at Knott's and tagged different park names at the end.

It's not just 6 Flags.


I live in Canada so I see all the Canada's Wonderland commercials. But if you look at them closely you see Volcano from Kings Dominion, Grizzly from Great America, and an S&S drop tower that has to be from one of the original Cedar Fair parks because none of the new parks (Paramount's) has one.
What's equally ironic about all this is I live in Indianapolis, and the commercials I see for SF Kentucky Kingdom all do feature SFKK rides *ONLY* (no Ka or anything like that), and the commercial for Kings Island features almost all KI rides, except for some S&S drop tower that is obviously not Drop Zone....

However, I've recently seen those "Ride on Snoopy" commercials as well, and that's pretty shady if CF is showing non-Cedar Point rides because the commercial makes it clear that they're advertising for CP only!! And when I saw some kids invert coaster with a camelback I knew that didn't seem like CP to me!! That's shameful....

I too noticed the SFKK commercial seems to feature ONLY SFKK rides. Nice! I also noticed they brought back the Venga Boys song, "We Like To Party". What's next...Mr. Six? ;)

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All the Magic Mountain television spots this season have been park-specific and using footage of Magic Mountain rides and attractions -- except for that one with the animated theme park growing out of the suburb, I think that was rolled out chainwide.

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