Six Flags Coaster Logos

Hello, I am doing a 2d design project that involves the use of many (in my case) six flags logos. I was wondering if anyone knows a website(s) that has six flags coaster/ride logos that I would be able to use for this assignment.



Have you checked the Six Flags website? I would imagine that having a lot of logos, or at least those of the more popular coasters.
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They have alot of logos, but you get part of the background with them and thus you do not get the logo by itself.

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Actually, go here.

Some of the logos are low quality but there are some pretty good scans as well. Seems like a good place to start.

Check out this site:

The site is loaded with thousands of corporate logos in Adobe Illustrator EPS vector format. Downloads are free, but can only be used for personal use. I'm not sure if they have specific coasters, but there are several six flags logos available.

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