Six Flags Change of attitude?

My home park used to be SFGAm which seemed like a pretty well kept park. Ive read around how bad six flags parks ussally are. Now im spoiled with WDW and Universal orlando. We took a trip to SFoG for opening weekend and found that all the employee's were alot nicer then any of the parks in orlando. the park was clean and we had a very good day at the park. I also am making a trip to SFA,SFGad,SFNE and I called up SFNE to get some information and the lady i talked to was nice and bragged about how great Superman is.

It just seems that so far in this season six flags seemed to have better customer service and just a better atmosphere as a whole. Has anyone else noticed this or maybe its just to early in the season to tell?

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Has anyone else noticed this or maybe its just to early in the season to tell?

BINGO :) Things started positive last year....didn't last too long.

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Check back in July to get a real feel for how things are.
I thought this post read: Change in Altitude.

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Yeah, I was at Spring Fling and everyone was saying how wonderful the park was and how friendly the employees were. This was true, and the experience made SFoG become my favorite Six Flags park. But yes, wait until summer and then come to a conclusion.


I also really enjoyed Six Flags Over Georgia, but I found that ride operators weren't nearly as friendly as people in shops for example. People running rides seemed the normal Six Flags type, but people in the shops were unbelievably friendly and better than many other parks. This seems to hold true with many other parks, like SF Magic Mountain, as well. If they could only make the friendliness uniform, it would be great.

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Being a former SF'er, I can say that EVERY season starts out VERY positive. Problem are the factors that can lead to the downward trend in "attitude". Heat, enormously busy days, little time off, long hours and rude people are always going to take their toll on Employees.

One person mentioned about the difference between indoor and outdoor employees. This is a BIG differece in work atmosphere!

SF just needs to focus on keeping the Guests happy, which includes keeping Staff happy. Keeping people's minds off the negatives will enhance the positives!


Most companies tend to go that way. They start out great at the beginning because everyone is very pumped and ready to begin the year, and then later on in the year, things get rough and their guest services tends to decline. I've experienced this with both Cedar Fairs parks, and Paramounts parks (before they were bought out), as well as some Six Flags parks. Its not just a Six Flags thing. But if you want to be impressed, wait to see how the employees ARE acting when July and August rolls around.
I was not very pleased with SFOG last Wednesday. Ride operations at this park simply scares me. On the Carousel two attendants gave the clear signal to the operator who started the ride where I could easily see one kid without his seatbelt and two others still climbing onto their horses. No one checked my or my father's lap bar on Goliath as well as Georgia Cyclone. Another member of my family said the employee working one of the childrens rides started the ride before even looking to see if everyone was in and she had figured out how to manipulate her foot into the the ride's pedal (so her back was facing the ride). I worry that such neglegence will lead to an accident.

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My only Six Flags experience has been with SFGA, and didnt seem to notice any bad attitudes from there, any time of year. Last year was the first time I went to another SF park, and it was SFOG. It has made me never ever want to go to another SF Park again. It was one of the first few open weekends of operation last year, and I was in line for the new Goliath. The line wasnt all THAT long, but we were scoping a few girls that looked like they wanted to hop the fence and cut in line. The didnt do that, but they passed up everyone in line just get up with their friends. Well we werent gonna let that happen and we wouldnt let them thru. Well a security guard came up to find out what was going on, and told him they were cutting in line. What did he do? HE LET THEM CONTINUE ON AND PASS ANOTHER 30-40 PEOPLE TO MEET UP WITH THEIR FRIENDS. I couldnt believe it.
Every park is cheeky and happy for the first few weeks...then the "mood" and hot sticky summer days come around and the ride ops act like zombies.
Unfortunately, it's hard to keep employees happy and motivated over long periods of time... we'll see what happens with the parks come July 4th weekend.
On Great Adventure's opening day, I noticed actual security personnel out in the parks, watching for line cutters and whatnot. The whole day was pretty positive, except for the fact the park's computers were down most of the day, meaning you had to pay with cash everywhere.

I wonder how many sales from that first day actually got reported to the IRS? ;)

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