Six Flags CEO appears in video round up of new attractions for 2013

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A very well done, enthusiastic video. It took them a while to do the Iron Horse Treatment to Texas Giant. I'm surprised they're saying Iron Rattler will be open in the Spring. If it does open that quick, I may have to make another Memorial Day weekend trip there next year. I missed getting to ride Iron Shark by 1 week. :-p

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I wish Six Flags New England got the big 400 ft Sky Screamer. I believe they had it approved by the town but then must of switched gears with the Bonzai Pipeline. Disappointing. Glad to See Six Flags America getting some attention tho.

six flags great america and cedar point copy each other. Six Flags gets B&m invert, Cedar Point builds Raptor...Six Flags gets Wing Coaster, Cedar Point Builds Gatekeeper.... Cedar Point builds Luminosity, Six Flags builds a light, music, dance, firework show...

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I love this guys enthusiasm and humor.

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I like that guy... and his thick Texan accent.


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I think the onslaught approach to announcing these attractions is kind of stupid. For one, few people have any general interest in the Six Flags as a brand beyond the region they live in. No local media outlets are going to cover this in the broad sense, just the local park. For the few niche places where this is a general interest (like here), there's more noise than substance.

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I agree, but it sure is fun for enthusiasts and people in the amusement business. If this video were made for more people, it wouldn't seem like such a waste of money and resources to me.

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Will G said:

I wish Six Flags New England got the big 400 ft Sky Screamer. I believe they had it approved by the town but then must of switched gears with the Bonzai Pipeline.

That's right, and it was supposed to go in Skycoaster's place. What a disappointment.

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I think they switched it because "Texas Sky Screamer" doesn't make sense in New England.

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^ Well, Ohio had the Texas Twister... :)

Incidentally, a friend of mine just moved to Houston and lives within walking distance of Reliant Stadium. I was telling him about the closing of Astroworld:

Him: Oh noes, now you'll never get the Texas Roundup credit or whatever.

Me: ...Actually they had both Texas Cyclone and Texas Tornado. Good guess.

Him: Yeah, in Texas they love naming things after Texas.

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Coming at it from a corporation POV makes a lot of sense to me. People are investing in the Six Flags brand, not the local park. Looks like each park is still doing their own marketing to their audience.

Bonzai pipelines was always going into SFNE for 2013 and the reason the park had it approved this early was they had to make sure it would so they could order it and have it built. I also think they did it like that so they could claim the tallest sky screamer 2 years in a row! It still is going in Dare Devil dives spot and DDD is being relocated into the southend so both upcharge rides will be close to each other.

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