Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Universal or Busch

Saturday, October 20, 2001 10:40 AM
In your opinion which will be the first British Theme Park to be named a Six Flags, Cedar Fairs, Universal or Busch. There has been discussion in our tourism seminars that are few parks are now keen. Knowing Six Flags and Cedar Fairs ideas of not building parks themselves it sounds like Alton Towers could become a new park soon. What do you think?
Saturday, October 20, 2001 11:10 AM
Probally if any it would be Busch or CF.  But i doubt Busch would build one.  SF and Universal probally won't because they both have parks ove in europe already.
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Saturday, October 20, 2001 3:23 PM
There are already Six Flags in Britain.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2001 7:11 AM
Would you like to explain which parks, as to my knowledge there arn't any
Tuesday, October 23, 2001 7:19 AM
Disney, Universal and Six Flags are the only ones who have any properties outside the US, so it would make sense that they'd be first.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2001 9:04 AM
Correction Jeff, Paramount now has one park outside of the US.  Remember Terra Mittica?  See if you want to know more....I have yet to find an online article supported this.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2001 9:44 AM
nope, there are no six flags properties in the UK....i lived there for 6 months last year, and didnt see any at all.  trust me, if i had, youd see that park and all its coasters on my track record!!!1 :)

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