"Six Flags Apologizes After Girl Told She Couldn't Get Candy"

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Doesn't sound like much of an apology to me...

...even worse, there's no real ending to this. No follow-up. How about a little customer-service friendly compensation like a free-pass, or hell... a bag full of candy?

It was mean-spirited what they did... but the mom could have let guest services know right away her displeasure

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Oh please!

My daughter is 8 and 56+ inches. (in fact, the podcast crew guessed her at 11 or 12 years old)

She hasn't been able to get on most kiddie rides since she hit 54 inches - during the 'offseason' between 2004 and 2005. In fact, she has to use the same 'credit whoring' techniques we all do to get on kiddie coasters - luckily she has a little brother for access.

Maybe I should have called up the newspaper when she couldn't participate in the costume contest this weekend at CP because it's for kids 54" and under.

Amusement parks base everything on size.

This 'having to accomodate everyone' thing is getting real old, real fast. There is no way the parks can account for the extremely tall, obese, underweight, short, handicapped, stupid, martians, religious freaks, vegans or whatever your bag is. You set the rules (in this case to keep the 'trick-or-treating' to the younger kids) and that's that.

It's time to understand the parks do their best to accomodate everyone and if you happen to fall outside those specifics, then it's just dumb luck.

'Humiliated' because you were denied some candy!? Maybe if mommy and daddy would open their eyes and read the specifics and/or attraction requirements then little Victoria wouldn't have been so humiliated. I think the wrong people are apologizing here.

Christ, the world scares me sometimes...

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