Six Flags Announces Nation's Best Theme Park VIP Program

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So whaddaya think?

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Just another level of service for those that are willing to pay the freight. I think I will draw the line at a qbot though.
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Yay, more people taking my seat right when it's my turn to get on the ride. :(

AV Matt
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So for only $1,000, a family of four can go to the fronts of the lines for all of the rides that are not operational that day. :) All sarcasm aside, I understand that Six Flags is trying to generate revenue and this is another attempt. I doubt there will be many takers, but there may be some.

I've been looking for a way to avoid all of the poor people for years. The sour milk smell is just too much.

;) ;) ;) ;)

Why blow $1000 at a Six Flags park for 1 day when you can get a WDW vacation for $1600 for a week?

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Because some people prefer Six Flags' big steel scream machines over Disney's "kiddie rides." Just so there's no confusion, I'm not one of those unenlightened individuals. ;)

AV Matt
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How low can you go? Once again Six Flags shows its money, money, money mentality.

Fortunately there are other parks that are profitable without always finding new ways to dig into visitors pockets. Right on, Will Koch! Let's see 2 million a year by 2016.

Arthur Bahl

Busch Gardens and Cedar Point offer similar packages.

It's a great idea and unfortunately corporations are in the business of making money.

The one good thing about this is that is won't make that much difference. Very few visitors will use this option. Most of the people with money to burn will just settle for a Gold Q-Bot.

Some parks still stick to the principle that once inside the gate, everyone should be treated the same on the rides (except for height restrictions). Kennywood is such a park and I expect it to stay that way.

Arthur Bahl

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Cedar Point has been doing this, largely under the radar, for several years now, and at a higher price.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

I don't see this as a bad thing, its a great way to make money for the silly people that will dish out the money for it.

Look Out Its Medusa Man!
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CP, Busch parks (incl. Sea World), Disney, Universal - they all have a similar program and in most cases it costs even more than what SF is proposing.

I should've know that everyone would jump on the old 'equality' (even though according to this thread that's never been the problem) and pricing complaints.

What actually caught my eye was the wording in this part:

"Families can plan their ideal day in advance -- and then Six Flags will take the lead in turning all their dreams into reality."

Seems eerily similar to my long standing predictions (the most recent just a few months back) of a future where we plan our theme park day before we even get in the car.

Well, don't most of us go into a park doing research on what we'll ride and what we'll avoid already? Isn't that the point of a board like this, For coaster junkies and amusment mavens to come together?

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

And to think, I decided that I don't want to renew my season pass this year. Oh well, It's only my fault that I'll miss out on groups of people being led right in front of me, as I've already waited over an hour, to ride Nitro. And, part of that hour is due to the legalized linejumpers, sorry, QBotters.
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Yeah! Six Flags is Satan!

And people will make deals with the devil this summer.
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^See that's something I just don't get at all. I have no desire to plan out my park visit moment to moment. Once I'm there, I like to just fly by the seat of my pants and be spontaneous about the whole thing. Sticking to a schedule takes away from the escapism of being at an amusement park.

AV Matt
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When I go to my home park Kennywood, my only set plan for rides is that I like to get Exterminator and Phantom's Revenge in right away before the lines build up, I like to get rides in on Phantom and Thunderbolt after dark, I always take at least one ride on Jack Rabbit, Racer, and the Volcano (Enterprise), and I like to ride the Musik Express as the last ride before I leave the park at night. Other than that I am very flexible. One more thing: I always get some Potato Patch fries with cheese topping while at the park.

Arthur Bahl

Nothing like hearing ERT-loving, special-day attending, behind-the-scenes touring, free-food chomping coaster enthusiasts thrash and wail.

And why? Cuz those statistically-challenged, uninformed 'General Public' peasants can be just as special--provided, of course, they're willing to actually PAY for their perks.



NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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