Six Flags and Baynum Painting enter 2-year partnership

Six Flags and Baynum Painting have entered a 2-year partnership where Baynum will become the official ride-painter at all the Six Flags parks.

And it looks like the parternship is already in full swing as Discovery Kingdom's Medusa and Magic Mountain's Viper are currently "under the brush."


Does this mean every ride will have "painted by Baynum Painting- the official painting partner of Six Flags" painted on it?
Seeing that they already have signs about bolts and nails from Home Depot, I would venture to say yes.
^Would you expect any bit less? I hope this means mass paintings. For a while, Sherwin Williams was the official sponsor of Wild One at SFA, but you'd never know it. The one coaster at SFA that's in desparate need of new paint is Batwing. The once dark purple support poles have all but faded away.

Speaking of Sherwin Williams, my Dad used to get their contractors magazine and they had an article about a professional company who was repainting Laser at DP. When we visited in 2001, the paint was already falling off the ride and you could see the original red and blue starting to show through.

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I almost posted this a couple of days ago, but I knew RGB would have too much fun with it. ;)

God bless Mark Shapiro. :)

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What about CMYK? Would he have fun with it too?
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CMYK hates RGB - they fight all the time. ;)

They need to paint SFOT's La Vibora, and Batman the Ride. Don't forget about the waterpark in SFOT. Some of those slides definitely need it.
Finally a good decision by Six flags. Now let's hope every coaster at Great America get's repainted. Ironically the best looking one is being removed. Other then Coasters Great America seems to be keeping building looking good. And if for every one painted they post it every six feet of track it will be well worth it. Let's face it we have more Geico/Starburst/Home Depot/U.S. Marines/Nintendo DS games/Random Movie/Got To Be Shampoo/Go For It/Kenex/Heinz Ketcup/Seattles Best/well you get the point, what more advertising.
hey, whatever works! Get the rides painted, and make it cost less. Though I think it's a little unfair that DK's Medusa gets a paint job when Great Adventure's Medusa is a year older and needs it bad. Maybe the Baynum deal isn't valid in NJ where the unions rule with iron paintrollers. (I can say that, I live here)

Does anyone remember the Sears "Weatherbeater" paint commercial with the American Eagle in it?

A lot of rides do need to be painted at a lot of the Six Flags parks, especially Nitro and Medusa at Great Adventure.


This could explain Poltergeist and Boomerang's recent paint job at Fiesta Texas. Not to mention the uses of paint on Goliath.
I also forgot to add that they should paint Colossus at SFMM. It just looks bad. Also, they only painted half of Screamin' Eagle as SFStL. Maybe, the only ride I see that should be painted at SFGAm is American Eagle. I don't see what the other complaints are. I think SFA needs Batwing painted if they are going to keep it.
Spinout take off the blinders. Let's see Raging Bull Orange now (NOT) so faded people think the rails are yellow. Superman the rails are all worn and the red boxbeam supports look like Acid Rain hit them. Hundreds of weird sports each square foot. Batman just the rails need a new coat of yellow paint. V2 both the supports and track are weather faded it just looks bland. Iron Wolf never painted since it was built, enough on that one. Eagle screaming "Please Paint my White Structure" De Ja Vu...Oops. Demon just touch ups needed. Whizzer the whole ride is in need of a color change, or just leave it alone. Cajun is fine skip that one. Spacelys Spocket Rockets come on lets give the kids some love. Restain Viper, speaking of which how many people want to bet that the "E" in elixer which fell off in August will still be sitting on the roof in May? Oh I also remembered Pictorium is in need of a good painting. Even Columbia is due for touch up the inner mirror ring is looking old and dirty and weathered. Promotional paint let's spread it around it's basically free.
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You can find a few photos of Medusa at SFDK's new paint here:

Boomerang is also getting a new paint scheme for 2008 as well.

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Six Flags should pair up with a company that specializes in asphalt removal for a few complimentary jobs *cough* Discovery Kingdom * cough * Magic Mountain *
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T2 is in desperate need of a paint job!
SFA would make them run out of paint! Wild One needs a new coat, as do Batwing, SRoS, TF, Mind Eraser....

Let's hope they visit SFA real soon! I'd love to see some new paint. It would do wonders for the rides.

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