Six Flags America Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride coincides with release of popular movie

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Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth is an extreme swing ride that climbs 24 stories of high and goes up to 40 mph once riders reach that maximum height. It opened just as the popular Wonder Woman movie was released.

Read more and see video from WBAL/Baltimore.

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The move was extremely fantastic. I mean, probably the best of the best of any super hero movie I have ever seen.

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Great film. Not as good as more realistic super hero films like Logan or The Dark Knight, but still great.

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What's a "realistic super hero film?"

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I kind of get what he's saying.

Batman has no super powers. Logan is gritty and real, I guess.

I liked Wonder Woman because unlike a lot of modern super hero films, the hero is only fighting because it's the right thing to do. She reminds me more of the old days of Superman. Truth, Justice, and the American Way kind of thing.

Lately, Batman is only fighting crime because he hates crime, because crime killed his parents. Superman fights bad guys because he defending the planet his friends and family live on. Iron Man fights because he feels guilty that he sold weapons in his past. Spider-man fights because he let crime kill his uncle. Ect. Ect.

But Wonder Woman was a breath of fresh air. She wasn't angry about anything. Se wasn't all frowny and moody.* She believes the things that many people believe, that love is the meaning of life. That people are generally good. She has heart.

Yeah, she may be fighting the bad guy in this move for the same reasons Superman is fighting bad guys in his recent movies, but she's taking it from a different angle.

And when she finally stops listening to the men in the movie, and starts doing what she wants, it is probably the single most satisfying midpoint of a movie I have ever seen.

I'm all about girl power now!

It was a little too strong in the foreshadowing, making some parts kind of predictable. A few parts were not easy to believe, like when the secretary holds on to Wonder Woman's one of a kind weapons that are important to destroying humanity's greatest threat. And it almost got boring in the middle, almost. But it's strengths outweighed those weaknesses so well that they didn't matter. The twists balanced the foreshadowing. The reality of the WW1 and the true-to-life villains balanced out the unbelievable plot snares. The many extremely exciting and very well done action sequences balanced out the slow parts.

I can't say enough about how much I liked it. I need to go see it again, but I haven't found the time. Maybe I will tomorrow, now that I think about it.

*Neither has Spider-Man, for the most part.

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Quickly trades out coaster nerd hat for comic nerd hat....

LostKause said:
Batman has no super powers. Logan is gritty and real, I guess.

I don't know, the Caped Crusader did have the super power of convincing a teenager that dressing in a red shirt, green shorts and a yellow cape to go face off with thugs with guns was a good idea :-)

I was a big X-Men fan back in the day, but never really got the fascination with Logan. Storm, on the other hand....

Even comics like Batman tend to follow the classic comic book tropes of secret identities, arch villians, and so on. Two series to recommend: Astro City and Top 10. Both take those classic super hero cliches and play with them.

She wasn't angry about anything. She wasn't all frowny and moody.*

Actually, for awhile she was. The storyline had Diana removed from being Wonder Woman, replaced by a member of the lost tribe of Amazons, and Diana went around for a couple of years (?), wearing leather and fighting crime. WW, as it turned out, didn't do gritty well.

Travis, you might want to check out the book "The Secret History of Wonder Woman." It's a fascinating read. The man who created WW invented the lie detector, lived openly with his wife and mistress, and enjoyed bondage. Most early issues of the comic had WW ending up tied to something.

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Is Lynda Carter in it anywhere?

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When critiquing fantasy films, I tend to use the term "believable" instead of "realistic."

For example, one could accurately say "The Dark Knight was far more believable than Batman Forever," or "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was an unbelievabley s***ty movie."

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Feminism - the strange concept (to some, at least) that women are people.

Nice that there are "realistic" (*wink*) movies with women in leading roles...

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What Vater said. Wonder Woman is definitely fantasy (gods superpowers and all) while Batman is steeped in a more real world and is basically a human vigilant.

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Jeff said:
What's a "realistic super hero film?"

I'm sorry, that was the wrong word. I was more referring to the tone and seriousness of the films. Obviosuly Logan isn't realistic or physically possible, and the Dark Knight is borderline.

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When we were there opening day all the pieces were sitting in the field between Superman and Batwing. No site prep had been done. I am surprised how quick they put this up.

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