six flag's america. trip report 5/12/01

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Saturday, May 12, 2001 8:47 PM
Well today was a moderate day at the coaster buddies and I arrived at the park at around 1030 to 1100 am after a slight detour.for some reason central avenue east bound was we had to loop around and go west on central avenue.Okay now we are finally in the park.first order of business,as usual is head for superman.aka big red.first ride was great second was better,then after aquick spin on the jinx we decided to hit wild one. then two face.witch by the way had a faster moving line than usual.afterward we hit a few of the flat ride's just to get them out of the way.we got anice look at batwing's train's.boy they look for the less than pleasant side of the mid afternoon we decided to take a ride on the typhoon sea coaster.but never got started raining while we were inthe line. then it only got worse. we got hit with a passing thundershower.whitch of course closed things down for a while.after it cleared up we hit the mind eraser,it was okay. but we still need a b&m back to supereman, it turs out the storm that hit knocked the blocking system out of whack. it took awhile but they fixed it.during wich time a fight broke out in the que.caused by people cutting in line , so we left that line pretty fast. we headed towild one wich was running faster after the rain there was no line there, aside from a few quick test runs we got on no problem.later we headed back to superman and rode once and then it broke down again,same problem that thing was shot for the rest of the night. so we decided to end today's session on roar, once again no line so we rode four times in a row. it's good to end agreat day of coaster riding on awoodie for a change of pace.our next run is set for june 9th by then at least batwing should be running.I can't wait to ride that thing! happy coasterring! batwing high may she fly long may she roll!!
Monday, May 14, 2001 3:42 PM
Batwing, I think you were the same guy who was using all caps before, well now your posts has something equally offensive-no spaces. We as human beings need to have spaces between words and commas/periods etc. or it just looks like one run-on sentence.

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