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Coastergurl... let's be realistic here. Barring SF having their best year in the past 10 SFA is not going to get more than one coaster if that. Your optimism is overwhelming. They just don't need it. If they do get one, I will be sorely disapponted because there are others areas of the park that need the same type of clean up that was given HH this season. When you have a Intamin Hyper that is down a minimum of two years on Sunday morning and a Vekoma Flyer that runs one train a majority of the time you shouldn't add a new coaster until you can give the other ones the capability of running at capacity full time. Wild One needs a paint job, as does, Superman and Batwing. I would rather see those three coasters get a new paint job, big tall fat trees added to Gotham City, a new bathroom and a couple of food stands added to the area around Batwing before the park even considers building a new coaster. There are other parks that have gone far longer without a new coaster than SFA and are more likely to get one before SFA.

In 2006, look for an expansion of HH. The one possibility of getting a new coaster for 2006 will be if Pandomonium at SFNE turns into this years Tornado at SF parks.

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Intamin Fan said:

SFCritic, sorry you feel there aren't enough flats, but I think the park is doing fine in a head-to-head competition between the local parks, as well as, some of the biggest parks in the nation. Some of the original Six Flags also have very few flat rides.

I never said that there aren't enough flats, I would just like a major addition because its lacking. I have took little kids to the park before. After Looney Toon whats next? There are some kids that are in between so they really don't have a good variety for the young ones to ride oh Bucc. Beach and Croc. Cals Beach House. I would like to see more flats near Krypton Comet though. One flat and 3 coasters not to even mention no bathroom and no sit down indoor restaurant by Supes and Batwing. *** Edited 6/20/2005 3:41:47 AM UTC by SF Critic***

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I've added some new pics of HH for those that are interested. You can see them here:

A day at the park is what you make it!

Nice pictures. They really give a good comparison.

Knoebels- 4/28

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