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I'm a coaster noob and trying to work my way into the big boys club. So far I've ridden Wild One and Roar at Six Flags America (the two woodies) and have enjoyed them. The problem is that there are no real intermediate coasters, you get the easy woodies and then the massive beasts like Superman Ride of Steel.

I've heard Mind Eraser really rattles your head too much, and Superman has a wicked 200+ ft drop so I don't feel ready for either of those. Batwing is supposed to be a lot of fun, but you're lying down on your back for that one. Joker's Jinx is also pretty highly rated but its a tangle of twists and loops that I feel is guaranteed to make me puke.

Can someone who has been to SFA give me suggestions on a good ride to move up to?

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I'd argue that if you can ride the two wooden coasters there, you are pretty much ready to ride any other coaster there. The wood coasters at SFA are pretty intense.

My opinion...

I would save Batwing for last, as dangling face-down from a restraint is pretty freaky. Those are the only type of coasters that I am scared to ride (even though I still ride them).

Mind Eraser is rough, but probably as bad as the wood coasters there. I would consider it to be another intermediate coaster, using your definition.

Superman is overrated as far as being scary. It's tall, and fast, but it's fun-exciting, and not scary-exciting.

Joker's Jinx is freekin' cool. It has some pretty intense moments, but once again, if you can handle Wild One and Roar, you could probably handle JJ. The launch is the part I think that you'll most dread. Once you get through that, it's fun.

Don't be afraid to try new things. You never know when you are not going to be able to.


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Honestly, if you've ridden Roar and Wild One, you've already done two of the best coasters there, and they're far from tame. The others that are absolutely worth riding are Superman Ride of Steel and Joker's Jinx. If you're really trying to work your way up to the larger rides, here's my advice: don't think about it, just do it. I'd even recommend Superman as your next ride.

As for puking, coasters have never bothered me in that regard. The rides that continually spin you around in a circle I tend to avoid, however. Jinx takes you in so many directions it doesn't screw with my stomach at all.

Bottom line is, what's the worst that could happen? You get a little sick...maybe bang your head a couple times on Mind Eraser's hard rubber restraints... Then what? You hit the nearest bathroom (or trash can), or grab some Excedrin. It's over. At that point, you can then decide it was so terrible you'll never look at another coaster again or keep on riding because you loved it.

I predict the latter.

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