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I was in DC visiting my friend at American University and we decided to spend a day at Six Flags America..... this park has a ton of problems and is the second worst of all six flags parks (great escape is worse) and its an embarrasment to a company thats made great strides with a few of their other parks (Great Adventure, Great America, Magic Mountain, Fiesta Texas, and Discovery Kingdom)

Ok lets first review the coasters (in order that they were done)

Batwing (8/10): Can somebody say.... needs a painjob and new supports.. (they were shaking as the ride past) Nevertheless this one rides smoother than the other 2 flying dutchmans and is a nice fun ride... problem: its location... why is it all the way back there with only one path to it.... its so out of place.

Wild One: 7/10: We got a front row seat and this was actually a decent woody with some good airtime in spots but it was far from being the best.

Superman: 8.5/10 The first drop was pretty nice.... the helixes were forceless... but there is something about that third hill that just produces extreme aitime.... the ending segment is good as well.. Problems... the seats are nasty and written all over.... the seat backs should be gotton rid of too (my friend got slapped in the face by the person in front of her when he put his hands up on the third hill... his hand smacked into her face and she started bleeding all over the place throughout the back end of the ride... and guess what the employees didnt even clean it and expected the next people to just deal with it...

~The first aid person they called was very nice and helpful though~

Jokers Jinx: They had problems with it all day... it opened but only 2 trains could be run per hour because of problems with the LIMS so we could never get on... The Flight of Fear at KI and KD is the same just innside and those are nice rides so I would have liked to gone on.

Mind Eraser (3/10) The worst standard SLC of them all. Not run correctly and its really really jerky. The one at moreys piers is even less jerkey than this one.

Roar (7.5/10) This ride had some nice things about it. The first drop was nice... the ride wasnt too rough but it seemed like it needed a good oiling to make it go faster at points.

So overall the coasters werent bad oh and they had one of the best flat rides ever in Rodeo... hahaha this was the most fun ride of the day... its like riding a tilt a whirl in a cow combined with an anitmatronic bull. ... somebody else tell me they love this ride (and i do believe it was at great adeventure in front of viper back in 2005 if anyone could confirm that)

Bad: There is sooooooo much wasted space in this park.... there is more empty land .... weeds... and awkawrdly placed rides here than anywhere I have ever been in my life... the setup (paths) make no sense... Dead ends and no real loop. Rides need paint jobs too... bathrooms need to be cleaned... costume characters cant look like they hate their jobs more than ticket booth operators. ... parking shouldnt be 15 bucks for a tiny park like this....

Good: The park was dead... and things didnt smell bad like people said they would.

Overall Rating 4/10

It seems like that you did enjoy your rides at least. I dont know if you just really hated the experience as far as the park goes, but it seems like the rides at least made your day.

However, i too have heard alot of negativity about the park, and it seems like if the park experience is bad it is really hard to overlook the rides being somewhat decent.

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That Rodeo ride is the same type of ride as at Great Adventure but the one at Great Adventure got sent to Six Flags Over Texas after the 2005 season.

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yea exactly.... its like the front entrance is nice and everything but once you get passed that many things wanna make you just feel like leaving

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Your trip report sounds awfully familiar to my experience there in 2002. The only difference is Two Face was still there.

In regards to building rides out in the middle of no where, I wonder if the park has some sort of zoning ordinance that require them to maintain a certain amount of green space per acre.

I LOVED the bulls that used to be at Great Adventure! It was a lot better than Tango. Nice force. I think it was a themed / modified Break Dance, but it was a lot of fun!

If Great Adv. had the flats they gave up or broke down, they would drastically improve the park. (The coasters they have make for a fine line-up).

Look what left - and I know I'm forgetting quite a few...

Music Express - Super Side Winder - Swiss Bob - Calypso - Swings - Rotor - Inverter - Chaos - Condor - Enterprise - Rodeo -Trabent - Pendulum - Stunt Water Effect

(Sigh)...great toys!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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