Six Flags America loses yet another flat ride

Last night, I saw an update from "" of all the different changes in the park. The one thing that shocked me is that they took out the The Tilt (tilt-a-whirl) for a basketball game! For a park that is trying to become more family-friendly, why would you take out your Tilt-a-Whirl?

I realize that it was one of the oldest rides in the park (going back to Wild World days) and therefore maybe it was showing its age, but still, three flats in two years? Couldn't they have bought one of those new Tilt-a-Whirls to replace it?

I noticed it in the update as well,they finally got rid of the enterprise too & what do they replace it with? A staging area for the costumed characters.

This begs the question:just which flat ride are we gonna see removed in 2008?

Oh no! Tilt is my five year olds favorite ride. We are going next week for his birthday. Thanks for the info so I can prepare him in advance.
The Enterprise had been gone, just pieces of it were still there, behind a fence. Now it's all gone. Good- open up some ground. Not exactly sure why the Tilt was taken out, but it might have been a maintainence problem. The game may just be a placeholder for whatever will replace the Tilt. The park has done a LOT of work, and they're not done yet. This is just what we SFAers have been saying they needed to do- get what you already have up to top shape, THEN start worrying about new rides. For all we know, there are plans we don't know about yet.

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