Six Flags America and Great Adventure ticket promotion

Buy one get one. I have a link for the SFA deal but heard the SFGADV on the radio. For SFGADV they also said you can use a coupon and only pay $24.99 from WAWA. Not a bad deal!


Six Flags is putting in lots of advertising into this new promotion. It is usually $10 off gate admission or here I see buy 1 get 1 free. So basically this year everybody gets the Coke can discount?

Does Six Flags really think that changing the price of admission $10 or a buy 1 get 1 free is really going to add value to my trip to the park or make my visit rememorable or unique?

I suggest Six Flags gets more creative with there promotions. Heck, they could switch it every year and get people interested in learning what it would be each year. For example $1 fountain soda or the $5 combo meal? (Right now at Great America Burger and fries is $9) I would have liked to see instead of lowering admission $10 because of high traveling costs, how about bring us your gas receipt and pay $1 to park?

It is all about perception and taking $10 off admission doesn't do it for me, especially with all the other high fees associated with going to their parks (parking, food and drink prices, flash passes, etc.) Besides the low season pass prices, what else does Six Flags give for a reasonable price for value? I use to buy the season long soviener glass at the beginning of the season and fill it up for $1 and thought that was a good deal. Now I have to pay a $1 to store it why I wait for a ride.

So, no thanks Six Flags, I had a season pass for the last 8 years, but did not renew. The experience has just gotten old and unenjoyable.

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You still have to add at least $35 to the discounted admission price for FlashPass if you want to ride more than a few rides, and then $1 per ride to store you stuff. That $24.99 easily racks up to $60 with FP and then if you rent 15 lockers throughout the day, you're going to pay $75 admission. Still not a bargain if you ask me.

Edit...I didn't even factor the parking fee...

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I havent been to SFGAm in a few years, but last time I went it was still very easy to do the park in a day without a flash pass. You just had to be there at opening and make a choice: do you want to wait in a long line at Raging Bull and Viper or do you want to wait in a long line at Superman/Batman/V2. Usually my group would opt for the former because SW territory is hot and RB and Viper are our favorite rides there (thus if we had time we would end up going back there.

If you do either Raging Bull then Giant Drop then Viper first of Superman then V2 then Batman you ended up getting them done in under 2 hours total. You were then free to do the flats/minor coasters in Orleans Place or SW Territory/Town Square with next to no wait and then proceed to the back of the park and still enjoy relatively short waits (<1 hour.) Until you hit the big rides you didn't ride in the afternoon.

With the addition of the water park, you sometimes even had moderate waits on the big rides in the afternoon too because everyone was in HH.

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