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Sunday, August 25, 2002 12:01 PM

Today i went to six flags america ,i brought a good friend to this park today along with my mom and bro,I`ve been to this park before but superman was closed the last time that i went ,So anyway to the rides :

Mind Eraser:This ride was pretty much a walk on,Mind eraser was really short and bumpy in other words it sucked ,but at least my eight year old brother had the guts to go on it.4/10

Next we walked over to superman the que line looked pretty long because they were only runin 1 train,but anyway my friend and i loved this ride this ride was really awesome and it had some great airtime 10/10 3 laps

While we were in line for superman we saw batwing being testedlike 5 minutes latter people started getting on so after superman we headed over to batwing,now this ride was also relly awesome it pulled some hi gz on that verticle loop10/10 3 laps

After we headed over to roar ,this ride was really good it gave us some good airtime 8/10 2 laps

After this we got some snow cones and a hotdog

After lunch we headed over to two face ,3 words This ride sucked,it was another vekoma crap it gave me a bad headache 2/10

After we headed back over to gotham city for jokers jinx my friend has never been on an lim so he wanted me to ride it first and tell him how it was jj was pretty good except they put barly and flips i loved the launch though on the secon ride my friend and i got stuck for 10 minutes on the brake run8/10 3 laps

After we just went on all the rides alot until 7:45 ,by the way we got there at the park at 10:30

I just think six flags should be managed better and take care of there rides more ,my best rides here were batwing and superman

my worst rides were mind eraser and two face

Overal park rating:81/2/10

Sunday, August 25, 2002 12:24 PM

Nice TR,I'm glad you enjoyed the park for the most part but your opinion on some rides(which you are entitled to of course) was a little low,I'd agree about Mind eraser and it's painful ride quality but two face is a little bit smoother,however the long wait isa what always keeps me away from it.

I've been hearing quite a bit about JJ acting up,what's wrong with this ride lately? when I was there a couple of week's ago it had brake trouble,in a recent trip the Codergirl had made to SFA she reported a near collision on the brake run and in your TR you seemed to have gotten stuck there,I hope they can fix the problem before the season's over because it's a great ride,I'm glad to hear that you gave Batwing such good reviews as well,it's one of my faves but it's too prone to breakdowns.

I also agree with your take on how management is running the place,it seems that there are a few things that need to be worked out,heck I'm surprised their attendance has been so high what with some of the issues that management needs to fix.

Sunday, August 25, 2002 12:33 PM
my friend and i were on the way back and then we saw another train comin around its curve and we thought it was goin to hit us ,by the way im goin 2 sfgadv on sep 14th
Tuesday, August 27, 2002 7:47 AM

This ride sucked,it was another vekoma crap it gave me a bad headache

How about some more gramatical errors, huh? Did you like drop out of school in second grade?

I love Deja Valley. And Stunt Stall too!


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