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so six flags america is my home park ive been there many many times. About two weeks ago me and a couple of my friends decided to make a trip up there. So we decide to leave at about 9 and get there around 10 so we can get there early. We start our day with mind eraser. I no most people think this may be a lil ruff and everything but the front seat provides a great ride. Overall ill give it a 8 outta 10. On our way over to our next ride we spot roar. Roar is a great woody but a lil on teh rough side sometimes. Back seat provides a decent ride some airtime.7/10. Now we make r way to gothem city. Jokers Jinx is next on the list. the " spagetti bowl." It is actullay quite amusing to see first time riders launch off for the first time. They dont expect it at all. Ive been on the coaster enough to no when its going to hit the lims. this is a very smooth ride first 3 inversions are great. You almost get the feeling you are going to hit the ground at the end. Another great ride. 8.5. So next we have superman. Man do i love this coaster. Great airtime the opening hill is amazing ( MF has a better one ;)so we are going up the first hill when my friend taps the guy in front of us and asks are u ready for this, this is great. And he turned around at us ( he had no teeth ) he said something likr this ah rawr haha or something lol. smrs is great 9.5 outta 10

i will finish my report later

You might want to edit this, some people on here have a problem with grammar, good trip report though, very honest.

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SFA has gone down hill. It's not the same any more. It cost $4.00 to rent a locker at SROS and Wild One. It adds up so it's like paying to ride. I think they should go back in using 50 cents lockers at least it wouldn't be too expensive each time you want to ride. So when the next time my buddies and I go to SFA we are going protest the Wid One & SROS even though we like those to Coasters. It because of the lockers at those 2 coasters. I also don't like when they load have of a coaster with Flash Pass holders. There is a special row where the Flash Pass holders go. And SFA lets them sit where ever they want. Let me tell one time my buddy and & were waiting in the line to ride Two-Face The Flip Side. The ride attendants let a whole bunch of Flash Pass holders board Two- Face and not even open up the air gates to let the rest of us ride so we had to wait for the next clycle to ride.

And if this keeps up My Buddy and I will not be getting 2008 SFA season pass. It woukld be waste of money tom give the SFA park when they are not doing good job running the park. It's toop bad that KD is too far away. We like KD much better than SFA because they don't have Any kind of passes to let you go ahead of the line. KD did it once and found out that it wasn't working. And I think that it's time for Snyder to go. He is just plane money crazy and he an;y thinks of him self and not others. Sndyer is running SFA like we runs Fedex stadium.

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Now not to sound rude or anything, but I've been reading a lot of trip reports lately and people are always complaining about the locker prices. I've been going to parks for years and never rent a locker. Why I never bring anything I need to lock up.

What exactly is everyone bringing in those back packs?


^Some of us need to bring extra bags into the park to hold things such as our money for the day & season passes for starters.The locker nonsense is just one more way that Shapiro is trying to scalp guests for every last cent they can get & some of us simply aren't going to put up with it much longer.

to hold things such as our money for the day & season passes for starters.

Huh. I usually just use my wallet for that stuff. Silly me.

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Knowing my luck, I would rent a locker, put all my wallet and change and car keys and such in there, and what would be the only item to come flying out of my pocket,never to be seen again on the deepest, darkest depths of some ride?.......


I use the locker to keep a small cooler with my insulin in it. I know I can leave it at the first aid station for free but, because I have diabetes, I'm also allowed to bring outside food in so I save a lot of money by renting the locker instead of being robbed at the food court.
lockers? hellooooooo think ahead and wear shorts or pants with pockets that have zippers, most of my shorts have a zippered pocket I only use the lockers at universal and etc where it's free for an hour.

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