Six Flags America 7/15/02

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Went with a friend today to SFA and had a great coastering day. Six Flags needs to do some work to theme the concrete jungle parts of this park and eliminate the dead ends but I can totally appriciate what the've done in the last few years.

Superman:ROS is an excellent coaster, good speed, airtime everywhere and just a lot of fun. We waited about 10 mins max for a front seat ride.

Batwing is fun, but I'm not a big fan of hanging from the restraints and on my first ride I didn't pull the lapbar down enough and I was freaking out cause I was sliding around in my seat. On the next ride I was totally snug and I was flying like a pro.

Joker's Jinx was my first spaghetti bowl and it was fun but not something that I wanted to ride again. Can't imagine what this was like with the horsecollars, but it really wasn't that great anyway.

Roar was kind of fun, but compared to Ghostrider (which was what i was comparing it to) it was kind of weak. One little burst of airtime and lots of laterals, but if you want laterals...

Wild One was great! I love coasters that have history, and Wild One has history. Fun ride, the back part of the out and back is what you ride this for. Lots of laterals, a nice pop or two of airtime and the helix is insane. I wish this was a true classic coaster - no seat dividers, no individual lapbars - I could have crushed my friend when we went through the (mostly) unbanked helix.

Mind Eraser (or whatever they call it here) was OK. This was my first SLC hang and bang and it wasn't horrible but I'm not going to rush out and visit the 20 other parks that have this thing. Give me a B&M inverted anytime - don't care that Batman is cloned everywhere - it is way superior to this ride.

Two Face, or as I mistakenly called it, Flip Off was fun, but I'm not a big fan of shuttles (except for Monty) and I'm not riding this thing over and over.

I liked this park a lot though. Re-reading my post I sound like a coastersnob but I really didn't have a bad time on any of the coasters, it's just that I started on Superman:ROS and nothing was going to measure up to that...

Good park, no lines (today), and I had a ton of fun. They let too many empty seats go out on Batwing, but we never waited more than 20 mins and any park with a Chaos is fine with me!


You shouldnt compare any ride to another ride. This way you will never enjoy the ride you are on. Just my two sense and what every other person on here will tell you.

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I enjoyed Roar. The comparisons come after - I never have a bad time on a coaster.

I compare rides all the time. Doesnt effect my enjoyment at all. Speak for yourself.

BTW: If you ride ROAR in the back seat, I *guarantee* at least TWO pops of air (strong ones at that): on the first drop and right after the shed.

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Roar and Ghost rider is two completely different rides.
I don't know what Wild One is like now, hopefully I will get down to Washington in August and find out. But growing up riding it at Paragon Park at Nantasket Beach was a tremendous thrill, it was a classic!
I can't wait til I go to SFA on the 27th.


You're going on the 27th? it just so happens that I might be there on the 27th as well,that is if my friend has his car ready by then.

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