Six Flags America 6-24-02

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Sorry about the delay, but I've been busy. It was about 95 degrees, and this was my first Six Flags experience. First impressions are almost everything, and having to wait 25 minutes to get into the park did not help.

Batwing: 3 rides. This was my first flying coaster, and I must say that it is a different and cool experience. You can really feel the forces on your body in the loop. I would liked to have gotten more rides, but it was down a good part of the day. First, with what seemed to be a restraint problem on one of the trains. Later, a car got stuck on its way back into the station eith people on their backs staring at the sun for about 10 minutes

Superman: 6 rides. A decent ride but it;s no Millenium Force. It did have some good airtime toward the back, and was very good in the front. Has some good laterals in it, but it lacks some intensity in the middle portion of the ride. Less than 10 minute wait all day

Joker's Jinx: 3 rides. This one was also down for part of the day. The new lap bars really improve these kinds of rides. I had ridden FoF at PKD last year, and it sure is a lot nicer without the headbanging

Two Face: 1 ride. Down most of the day. This one was some pretty intense G-Forces for the short period of the ride.

Mind Eraser: 1 ride. Ouch! This suspended looping gave me a good headbanging, and was nothing to brag about.

Roar: 3 rides. A wooden coaster with a lot of twisting and shaking going on. Not too bad a ride.

Wild One: 3 rides. A wooden coaster with a decent amount of small hills. Once agian, it was an ok ride

Now the fun part. I witnessed a domestic dispute between a guy and two girls over money in the station of Wild One with pucnes thrown. This went on a little bit untill security came in and broke it up. Also, I witnessed a ride operator and a guest get into a shouting match over the ride op yelling at people for hopping the rails in the station of Joker's Jinx. I will comment that ride dispatches were extremely slow. However, in spite of that, I accomplished everything I wanted to do at this park,, and had an ok time. When it's 95 degrees out, you don't want to complain about too much.

Thats funny your like... now the fun part, three people were arguing... lol... good TR

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone

That sounds quite a bit like what I had to go through on my last SFA trip(minus the punches on Wild one)and I hope not to encounter such a situation on my trip there tomorrow.

You mentioned that Batwing got stuck in the brakes for 10 minutes or so,funny thing is the same thing happened to me when I rode it last time I was there and it wasn't fun being stuck flat on your back in the hot sun.

Anyhow that was a good TR and I hope the minor inconveniences don't deter you from visiting the park in the future.

Actually, I thought Roar was a great woodie. One of my favorites.

Formally Known as Ozzyhead.

Just went for the first time yesterday. So far, the best Six Flags experience I've had. EVERY ride was open except for a kiddie ride and dispatch times were half decent. Although we were lucky with very light crowds, I was still very impressed by the cleanliness, theming, and staff. Oh yea, Roar is a very good woodie. Wild One was fun as well but Roar was great. We skipped Mind Eraser after already pounding my head in on the Great-NorEaster at Wildwood NJ.
I was at SFA that day too. Becuase of the heat i had to end my trip erlie,but i had a nice time. Where you wearing a Talon T- shirt? becuase while inline for Batwing i saw someone wearing one,but i dident talk to them becuase i was wearing a coaster shirt and they saw it and dident say anything,so I figured it was eqaul that we both had our minds set somwhere else. By the way I dident enjoy my ride on batwing it seemed to be more painfull then fun, I was put in the front seat,and maybe since we hung for more time then the rest of the train all the blood rushed to my head, wasent a great ride as i remembered it, it was cool how we reclined on the lift thou.
No, I wasn't wearing a Talon shirt. I was wearing a Cedar Point shirt. I also had a front seat ride in Batwing and did not experience any pain. Also, I think that Roar is a decent ride with a little punch to it. I guess I prefer a woodie with more drops than turns, but I do like some good laterals. (Thunderbolt)
Sounds like SFam is really empty. I'm going in hte middle of July. WHat do you think the crowds will be like for Superman Batwing and Jokers Jinx.

-Sean Newman
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So far on the last couple of trips I've made to the park there have been rather large crowds,yesterday was just as crowded as it was when I went on the 8th.

As for lines on JJ,S:ROS and Batwing it looks like you might be in for a long wait,with single train operation on S:ROS yesterday it's line and subsequent wait time was longer than Batwing and the Joker which both had multi train operation.

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