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So I packed the car full this morning and heading out of NJ around 8am. In tow was the wifey, daughter and granmom. We hit Six Flags about 10:30.

We parked in the front row and walked over to the season pass processing area which was outside the park. We waited about 10mins and all 4 of us had our $50 season passes.

After entering the park we were greeted by the camera crew and had our picture taken a few times.

We headed over to Looney Tunes area for my 3 year old. She was able to ride some rides but not others. Very odd that she can ride the same ride in NJ but not in Maryland. We also went into the Fun Factory, where you shoot the Nerf balls at each other and use pumps and stuff. Well my daughter wanted to go down the slide. So my wife walked her up. Note we were the only ones there. A guy comes in and tells us she can't be up there. She didn't go down the slide just walked up the stairs. Bizzar!! (more on this later)

Every employee we ran into and I mean everyone asked if we were having a good time or at least said hi. I was shocked. Customer service at Six Flags?Seems to be the new thing.

After farting around in Looney Tunes world, the wife and I headed over to Wild One. 1 Train wait for back row. Little rougher than I remember but still a classic!

Next up was Jokers Jinx. We rode back to back in the 4th row. This is my wife's favorite coaster. Its comedy to watch her giggle every time it launches! Fun ride and the ride ops were moving fast. Also running 2 trains which is awesome. Park was not busy at all.

We then headed over to Superman. We waited 1 train and rode the second row. I love this ride. The other train had a mechanic working on it, so I wonder if they would have used it, if it was working.

As we headed to our lunch spot, I stopped and road Skull Mountain. I must say this is a great ride and is the hidden Gem of this park. They don't spin the boats anymore but this ride is really fun. You can't miss it if you visit the park! Anyone agree?

We then went over to the Western Area and ate at the Crazy Horse Saloon. The food was decent and we got very large amounts. We had 2 orders of Chicken Fingers, 1 Childens chicken fingers and 1 pulled pork sandwich. $37.45 I love this building and how nice it is. Very quite only one other group in there. No cartoons though!

After that we tried our luck at Mind Eraser. They had some down time so we headed over to Roar! Wife and I rode back row after 1 train wait. Afterwords I had my 3 year old stand next to the Roar sign for a picture. We were then told that we couldn't be next to it. This kinds of upsets me. Its a perfect photo spot. Why not make a clear path to it and let people take pictures. Hell even leave one of those Kodak people there.

Next up was a surprise. The train was running. The train only runs to take people back to the picnic area. So you must be part of a group back there to ride it. Well not anymore. So I took a ride around the park. Very nice break. Got to see some of the park I've never seen before. Picnic area looked nice too. I also got to see and take some pictures of Ultra Twist.

After that we headed back to Looney Tunes for a few ride then hit the road.

On the way out I ran into a manager I saw early in the day and he asked us how our day was and what we though. I told him I had 2 issues. The weird height requirements for some of the kids rides and no straws. Yup thats right straws are no longer available to anyone buying a drink. He told me that no Six Flags park will have straws or lids. Its to help cut cost and keep down litter. Why I do think this is a good idea I think they should be made available if you ask. Especially for kids. He agreed and said he would mention that at the next meeting. He didn't have much to say about the height requirements. He did confirm Thomas Town is coming in 2010 and will be the biggest in the chain. He also said look for it to be built up back by Batwing. That part of the park has been neglect for so long. He said they got some new managers in the park. Former GM from SFGADV, Former Mechanic manager from SFGA, and former manager from SFOG. HE also said they have to be out in the park now with guest. Corp has come in and put the hammer down. This park will focus strictly on customer service and operations this year. Next year Thomas Town and something huge for 2011. There is already a sign for Thomas Town at the entrance to the park and one next to it about 2011 which is the parks 50 or 45 anniversary or something.

Friendly Staff
clean Park
no lines and 2 trains

No straws
weird height requirements

All and all good day! If all the Six Flags employee act like SFA employee did today we might actually be in for a real treat.


I thought they were gonna add TT in two face's footprint? guess not so perhaps they may finally take the opportunity to complete the loop around the park.Still even with the promise of something major coming in 2011 the park still needs work in other areas in addition to the much needed new rides to convince me to come back through the gates in the future.

Regarding what the manager told you about no lids and straws at any Six Flags park, that doesn't seem accurate. SFMM still uses them. Glad you had a good time.

My mother (1946-2009) once asked me why I go to Magic Mountain so much. I said I feel the most alive when I'm on a roller coaster.
2010 total visits: SFMM-9, KBF-2
2010 total ride laps: 437

I was here on Saturday, opening day. The place was virtually dead. We waited in a long line to get our season passes, but otherwise not one wait for a ride. I loved the Joker and Roar. I hated Batwing, my legs nearly fell out of the leg restraint area and no one checked my shoulder harness clip in the middle to make sure I had it on right and I ever ASKED the attendant. I also did not like Mind Eraser, it banged my head all over and hurt my ears. All of the employees were super nice though!

I was a bit pissed off when I tried to ride Superman, the belts seem super tiny. I'm not a little girl, still being over 200 lbs., but since losing 200 lbs, I had no problems anywhere else so far (last year was my "return" to amusement park rides after my weight loss.) In the front of the train, two big guys got on with no problem which baffled me, but I'm thinking because I carry my weight all over, my hips caused the belt problem. My one friend was able to barely cram himself in and he's 6'1" and only 230 lbs so it just seems odd that the belts are so tiny.

Is it just me or has anyone else found the Superman belts to be small compared to other rides they've been on?

Oh and yeah... we were told they had no lids or straws either!

Superman Belts are now shorter and have been since that tragic accident at SFNE. The belts where fixed so they can't reach around the side arm rest.


Crashmando said:
Superman Belts are now shorter and have been since that tragic accident at SFNE. The belts where fixed so they can't reach around the side arm rest.

I missed info on that... what happened??

May 1, 2004: A 55-year-old man was killed when he fell from theSuperman: Ride of Steel roller coaster at Six Flags New England.Investigations determined that because of the man’s large girth he wasnot properly secured by the ride’s restraint system, and the coasterwas then outfitted with redesigned safety restraints. Similar coastersat other parks also incorporated the new safety restraints.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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