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I got there at about three and it has been raining all day. The park was nearly empty so i went right to Superman. No line at all. After that i headed to Batwing, that had a 20 min wait because they only were working one station. Then i went to jokers jynx, no wait either. The Typhoon Sea coaster was broken down and it didnt look like it was going to open for a very long time. I went on Mind Eraser and i hated it, it banged my head around bad. I liked Roar and Two Face. I also saw the Batman stunt show. At eight I staid on superman cause noone was on line for it, i rode it 9 times in a row. Then i got on Batman again before I left.


If it's been raining you may want to go to Roar first. It's fabulous when the track is really wet. HUGE airtime.
Same with Roar West- HUGE airtime in the rain! It's a different ride almost ;)

~Hypersonic XLC, the most fun you will have in 1.8 seconds!

Nine laps in a row on S:ROS? Man I wish I could've been there.

I'm heading there around 9 am or so and I can only wish I were lucky enough to get that many laps in a row on any of their coasters.

Back in 98 when Roar first opened it was raining on & off that day and as soon as it would start raining they would immediately shut down the ride,also on my first ride on S:ROS back in 2000 I had to wait 3 hours in line in the rain to ride only to have it rain so hard during the ride that it stung the mess out of your eyes.

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