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Thursday, July 11, 2002 8:37 PM

I finally got to go to Six Flags America since Last Year. I enjoyed it last year a lot, so I knew I’d have fun today, and I did, but with some Complications. Enjoy, and ITS LONG!

The Stars:

Jeremy / RCTfan / I

Mom / Grandma

Dad / Grandpa

Alexis / Niece

Clothing Selection

I’m just adding this incase if anyone went today and happen to see me. I was wearing my PKD Hypersonic Shirt. It’s Blue with a Picture of it, and the stats of the ride. I had a pair of Blue Shorts on with two Tan Lines on each of the sides.

Camera Fiasco

It seemed fine and dandy until we were about to leave for the park. My dad went out to purchase some film for the camera to take pictures of my Niece in the kiddy park. Well, I noticed my dad didn’t have our nice Camera; instead, it was some old crappy one. I told him it was on his dresser, but we when we checked, it wasn’t to be found. My Mom erupted with a fury complaining about how he lost a $200 camera. Well, this went on for about 10-15 Minutes. I certain Coaster Enthusiast wasn’t happy! Guess WHO?! I finally screamed, and we left with the cheap one. Niece + Rides = Long Drive My Niece seemed excited to go to the park because she loved rides. Well, let’s just say, if I hear, “Grandma, are we almost to the rides?!” ONE MORE TIME!!! I’d be glad if someone would remove any sharp objects from my reach! =) I’m glad I had my Portable CD Player!

Mr. Whistle Arrival

We finally arrived. My father gave me my ticket and said go on ahead. Minutes later I heard my Mom calling me over to get in line with them, because they were in the stroller line. So I did. This old man with a whistle kept on blowing it to get people’s attention, and to have them move down to enter. My mom couldn’t stand it! I wanted to laugh! All the Rides ARE in Order in Which they were Ridden! =)


When I finally got into the park, I used my Coaster Sense (Forget Spidey Sense!) and found Batwing in the back of the park. It seemed like forever to get back there! I discovered only one train running, and what seemed to be an hour wait. So, I waited. I was by myself because all of my coaster friends were away, so I got bored while waiting. I finally got up there, and was thrilled. The drop seems so fast in flying position. The loop has the most G-Forces I’ve ever experienced; it’s so hard to keep my hands up! The Double Corkscrews are fun and make you feel like you are going to slip out. The final Helix is so fast, it’s the best! No wonder Batwing is my all time favorite ride!

Rating: 10/10

Superman: Ride of Steel

I love this hyper coaster so much. I don’t know how many times I watched the Coasters2K and Badnitrus videos the week before. Once again, only one train was running, the Blue one was being welded, or so it seemed. The wait was 40 minutes. Once I finally sat my tush in the chair, I was excited. When you are about to go up the lift hill, you see how massive the hill really is. I love hearing people’s expressions once they see the hill! Once we reached the top, my hands flew into the air, and I was living it! The first hill didn’t give any air time, but every hill after I was thrown out of my seat, and wasn’t back in it until we hit the bottom! Everything is so smooth on that coaster!

Rating: 10/10

Riddle Me This

This is a Flat Ride. It’s a ride like the flying saucer that spins really fast, but, doesn’t seem to spin really fast. Eventually it lifts into the air to spin upwards, that was fun. You get glued the wall and can barely lift you head. I enjoyed it a lot.

Rating: 7/10

Joker’s Jinx: The Joke Was on Me!

Well, I figured I had some time to ride Joker’s Jinx before I met my parents in the Kiddie Section, so I thought, why not! I waited about 5 minutes in line, and then hear they are experiencing technical difficulties!! Well, I’ll show ‘em technical difficulties! =) So, I left the line in disgust, and went to my parents. Kinda Sounds like last year, Broke Down all day then!

Iron Eagle

I saw it open, and wanted to ride it last year, so I did it! I think this ride needs some serious padding under the over the head harness! My poor thighs! I still enjoyed the ride even through all my pain. I could here everyone on the ride hurting from their legs! =/

Rating: 6/10 Thighs!

My parents told me the situation with Fast Lane this year. It costs $10 to get 5 Tickets to any Roller Coaster at any time. My Dad gave me money to get 5 due to the long lines!

Kiddies and Food

I found my Dad near the Kiddie Coaster. When Alexis finally showed up, I said I’ll take her on it. The line was too long, and I was hungry, so I wanted to leave, but she didn’t want to. So, I lifted her up, and walked her out. We ate at the Hollywood Diner or whatever it is called. I got some Chicken Fingers and Fries. That was the worst food I’ve ever tasted! The Fingers weren’t so bad, but the Fries seemed, chunky! =/ I’ll never eat in there again; I’ll stick with Hot Dogs. =/

Two Face: The Flip Side

There looked like no line whatsoever, but nothing was up or blocking the entrance, so four kids, myself, and two adults went into line hoping for a quick ride. As you might have figured out, it was broken down. So, no free ride there! =(

Tower of Doom

I followed the two adults, who I suspect were Enthusiasts, to Tower of Doom. It was a 30 minute wait because on 2 of the 3 drop seats were open. I love Drop Rides and can’t wait until PKD’s is open! =)

Rating: 8/10 Sudden Drops!

The Wild One

First off, last year, I loved this coaster because it had the best air time I’ve had in awhile, and it didn’t change at all!! The speed was great! I was out of my seat at every hill! One Problem! The Helix at the end was WAY too fast, half of me was sitting down, and the rest was in the air holding on for dear life!! I got a butt crap from this part of the ride. The brake before it should be a little more powerful. I think I got the cramps because the one cheek wanted to be on the seat and wasn’t! Butt Cramps, great thing to discuss, no?! Still a great ride though!!! This is my favorite Wooden!

Rating: 9/10 Butt Cramps! (Spongebob!)

Two Face?!

Nope, once again, it broke down after recovering. It ran one train with people and broke down. I was in the front seat and would have been on the next train!


My niece wanted to ride, until she saw the ride go. Although, she was too short anyway, so she couldn’t have ridden anyway. The lady running it was the most pathetic ride op I’ve ever seen! To open the lap bar, you got to stick some pole into a hole to get it to unlock. Well, not only was one person running it, but she was extremely lazy! She spun the cars around so she didn’t have to walk to each one. She was very strict too. After my Dad and I rode, she moved whole ride to one of the sets were in front of the gate so she could get to ‘em easier. Any who, I love this ride, and PKD needs one! A Better Scrambler!

Rating: 7/10 Supped Up Scrambler


My niece saw it, and wanted to ride, so we did. There isn’t much here to say since everyone has been on one. She loved it when it went so fast that it sticks you to the walk.

Rating: 6/10 Just Got to, Classic!

Typhoon Sea Coaster

I was able to convince my dad to ride this. He wasn’t too excited, but he enjoyed it. He kept telling the kid in front of us that if he throws up, it’ll be on him, and the kid believed him! My favorite part is when the Boat goes backwards and you do a Camel Back type thing. Great Fun!

Rating: 8/10 Glad to See Dad Enjoyed It


When I rode this last year, I was surprised how fun this really was! It was my first Twister Wooden, and I enjoyed it. It seemed even better this year. I got some Air time, and was thrown all over, Without Butt Cramps!

Rating: 8/10 Air Time This Year!

Mind Eraser

For those that have ridden, probably swore never to ride this again, because it hurts the head, and I did likewise. I wanted to ride it just to ride it, it is a coaster! I rode about 4 seats from the back, and I didn’t experience much head banging surprisingly. The ride is a little short for all the speed it packs. I was even tempted to ride it again! *GASP*

Rating: 7/10 Too Short, But no Head Banging!

Fast Lane Heaven!

It was time to use up those Fast Lane Tickets from earlier, and I was excited! I decided to go for 3 Batwing Rides, and 2 Superman, and I did just that! Of course, by this time, both Batwing and SROS were running 2 trains! .

Batwing 1

Rode with some People, Great Fun!


Rode in 3rd from the back, and it was great. Even more airtime! The People in front of me asked if it was my first time, and I said no. They looked at Batwing, and I asked if I went on that, and I said I just got off of it. They were surprised. I don’t know if they went on it or not.

Batwing 2

Rode with 3 Girls, not too shabby! I always stuck out my hands, and I noticed one of them did it eventually. It’s catching on!

Batwing 3

I rode with 2 Boys, who were scared. The one was like, I’m closing my eyes! I was like; you got to keep ‘em open to enjoy it! He didn’t listen, but the other one did! I’m like a Disease! =) They liked it though. They asked if I ridden SROS, I was like YEAH! One said, you’d never see me on that thing, its crazy!


Sat in the same seat, and kept those hands up!! I just love it when people see the lift hill right before them.

Joker’s Jin- Oh Forget it!

Once again, I have time to ride this. This time, there is barely any line!! About 3 minutes in line, TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! I’m starting to see a trend. Don’t plan on riding Joker’s Jinx if I am there!

I meet up with my parents once more before we leave. My mom asked if there was anything I wanted to ride before we left, I said Two Face, but my Dad wanted to leave. My Awesome Mom let me have a spin on it!

Two Face: The Flip Side

I finally got on it!! I love this ride. The line was a little out of the station, but some six people got out of line, and then some people let me in front of them! Convenient! I enjoy this ride, but since someone is always staring at you, it just feels awkward, but still a great ride!

Rating: 8/10 Love Backwards!

Before we left, I was able to purchase a Batwing Shirt, which I really liked! Last Year, they all sucked, so I got a Superman one, which I also love! Final Comments!

They should have more people working at Batwing and always use two trains. I heard that they sometimes lower people somewhere on the lift I guess, but they did that in the station. All the rides could use better Workers. Lines would have been shorter if the workers actually wanted to do something. If two trains were running, they didn’t launch the one in the station until the one on the tracks hit the brakes, which was sad. On Rebel Yell, they are good on timing with two Trains. If so many rides didn’t have Seatbelts, time would be shorter as well. Seatbelts suck! =) Overall, the Ride Ops were pathetic! Slow as ever! Enthusiasts should work the coasters!

All in all, it was a great day for me! I got to ride many coasters. It could have been a little better, but I had an excellent time! Once I got home and got a shower, I noticed scratches around my Arm meets armpit area. Must have been from Batwing and when I was holding my arms out.

I hope you enjoyed this long Trip Report!! By this time, I’m sick of typing! =)


Drop Oup at PKD in 2003!
OoOoOo...Rolley Coaster!

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Friday, July 12, 2002 3:24 AM
NIce TR! Im going to SFA on the 28th.

-Sean Newman
88 coasters in Track Record!! Hypersonic XLC Coaster # 100 in July.
Nitro Laps:105
B+R Launches:28

Friday, July 12, 2002 8:03 AM

Nice TR! I'm going on the 27th.

Too bad you didn't get to ride JJ on your visit because it's a great ride now that those painfull OTSR's have been removed,how was the crew on S:ROS? the last couple of times I've been there they have been less than perfect at loading & dispatching trains and I hope the red train is running smoother than it has been lately,I heard they put new wheels in. I sure hope the blue train is up and running by the 27th so I don't have to wait forever in that long slow moving line.

As for Batwing too bad you didn't get to see it making use of both stations and trains,they've been pretty good at running both sides lately at least on saturdays.

One final note: did you notice any signs of construction going on in the Batwing/S:ROS area? I've heard that there is some construction for a possible new ride in 2003 going on back there.

Friday, July 12, 2002 9:08 AM
So I take it that the Rodeo is a Huss Breakdance. Those rides suck to operate. Does the rodeo have little doors on the sides of the car? There is nothing more annoying than opening 32 doors and 16 lapbars one by one, while everyone is yelling because they can't get themselves out.
Friday, July 12, 2002 10:47 AM

Batwing had two Trains going by the afternoon. SROS had both trains up and running by the afternoon as well.

I didn't notice any construction signs.

Yes, its a Huss Breakdance. The lady just opened the lap bars, you had to climb over the little doors.

Drop Oup at PKD in 2003!
OoOoOo...Rolley Coaster!

Friday, July 12, 2002 5:04 PM

I heard that land clearing has started in the area between Batwing and the area where python's track was being stored.

One source who posted the info on another site said he spotted 2 bulldozers,a back hoe,the large CAT dump truck and about 5 or 6 pick up trucks belonging to a contracting firm and it looks like they are done putting the pipes in so who knows what's going on.

I find it strange for SFA to be clearing land in mid july which makes me suspect that a new coaster might be in the works for 2003,I recall back in early march seeing an application by a contracting firm posted on the PG county planning board website regarding SFA.

Saturday, July 13, 2002 3:33 PM

I was there on 7/11 also and was in line when Joker's Jinx when it brokedown. We got out of line but when they started testing it we got back in line and on it a couple of trains later.

Alpengeist(BGW) here I come!!(July 2002)

Saturday, July 13, 2002 3:48 PM
Really too bad you didn't get to go on Joker's Jinx. :-(
Saturday, July 13, 2002 4:19 PM
Whatever's wrong with JJ I sure hope they get it fixed in under 2 weeks because that's when I'll be at SFA and it's one ride you sure don't want to miss.
Saturday, July 13, 2002 4:21 PM
Nice trip report! Every trip report I read from SFA makes me want to visit it even more.. Especially considering the fact that it isnt really all that far away. Batwing sounds awesome and I know that if I ever go to SFA, I am going to get plenty of fastlane tickets.. Mwahahahaha..

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