Six Flags America - May 5th

Thursday, May 9, 2013 9:31 PM

Truth be told, there probably isn't much in the way of insight about this park this year as not much has changed since i was there in 2011, but here goes anyway:

Weather: Sunny but cool. Kinda perfect really.

Crowds: Sparse

Operations: Chipper and friendly. Joker's Jinx op said i looked like a badass in my sunglasses. IDK what he was talking about but i appreciated it nonetheless. Could do without the forced high-fives.

One-Train Ops: Batwing (didn't see train 2 anywhere), Ride of Steel (water-dummy populated 2nd on transfer track), Roar (2nd on transfer track), Apocalypse (not sure where 2nd was)

New to me - Apocalypse. Never been to SFGA to ride Iron Wolf. Front row. Yep, it's a stand-up. Some fun, some head banging. Nice themeing and placement.

Thanks, but No Thanks: Mind Eraser. Been there, felt that.

Never noticed before but should have: Wild One gets the best air-time in the front; not the back.

Getting old: Rise of Steel. Still awesome, but coming out of the second helix has a lot of shaking.

Forget what it's called and it doesn't seem to be on the website: Rainbow Ride near Wild One. SHOULD offer some simple butterfly-thrills but brakes kick in after apex of the rotation and offers next to nothing.

Still can't get over it: Batwing's placement in the middle of nowhere. SO much potential for that area.

Sign of at least trying: Half-Painted Batwing supports. Didn't open until 1:30 so they could keep painting.

Odd thing I noticed: This park has quite the variety of coasters....yet none of them are great examples of their respective manufacturers: B&M (but it's an old stand-up), Intamin Hyper (but they made much better versions in the next couple years), GCI (but when they were still working out the kinks. also no Millennium Flyers), Inverted Coaster (but it's an SLC), Flyer (but it's in the middle of nowhere and only has one train), Premier (can't really complain actually), Classic Woodie (OK, can't really bemoan much about this one).

It's not much but it was a good day :)


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