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Wednesday, July 2, 2003 8:14 PM
My family and I decide to travel to Six Flags America on July 2nd. My friend, Jordan (Semi-Enthusiast), was going to be away for most of the summer, so we chose that day to go so he’d finally be able to go. We’ve been trying to invite him since 2001.

Before we heading out to leave, it was raining, so my parents told us, if it is raining when we get there, we would turn around, but when we arrived, we were in luck. The luck didn’t last long.

We got to the park around 11:30, and had to get tickets for my parents and niece, Alexis, who is 5 years old. They used my only coupon that was valid for any Six Flags Park! When we finally got into the park, Jordan and I headed to…

Joker’s Jinx

We were headed back to Superman and Batwing, so we stopped here to start. The wait was minimal, and since this is Six Flags, the ride ops have to be slow and Stacking, and that is exactly what they did. The wait was roughly 15 minutes, where at on Flight of Fear, at PKD, it would’ve been 5-10 minutes. The launch started slow, but sped up quickly. I remember this ride being much better Opening Day, but it was still fun. I also noticed that the ride doesn’t have a Mid-Course Brake Run, and I mean, there are no brakes, as there are on Flight of Fear. Maybe that is why PKD is faster. Also, during the ride, I felt raindrops. Jordan seemed to like it since it was outside. He told me he was glad to get to a park other than PKD, since he has ridden the rides so many times. We saw Penguin’s ride, but we decided to come back to it after we got Alexis. So, we headed to…

Superman: Ride of Steel

This is my favorite Steel roller coaster, so I couldn’t wait to ride it. After Opening Day, the ride was just amazing, but today, it was lacking a little bit. The wait was minimal, and they were using both trains (including loading both). We opted for a fourth seat ride, and decided we’d come back and do front seat and back seat. Jordan doubted doing the ride as we were going up the lift, but it was too late to change his mind. Before plummeting down the initial drop, he threw his hands up in good manner. He loved the drop. As we headed up the second hill, I noticed a tad of airtime, but not as much as I remember towards the front. Entering the helix, I used to always get air, but none this time. We stormed through the flatten hills (helix) and were aimed right at the third hill, my favorite. The airtime was just as good as I remember. There was ejector at the top, and floating air on down the hill. Then we headed into the final helix before the Anti-Man bunny hop. Didn’t seem too bad, and came with all the airtime that I remember. Next were the final bunnies, which were as wicked as ever. You have got to love that ejector air. Jordan was just living it up. He enjoyed the ride so much. After an intense ride, we headed over to…


This is my second favorite Steel coaster. The line was about 45-60 minute wait. The wait wasn’t too bad, since the rest of the park was empty. When we got near the part of the line without the canopy, it started to rain, how oddly convenient. I knew my parents weren’t happy. We finally got to board, and we headed to the back seat. We weren’t allowed to ride there because a family of four took the row where only two seats were operating, so we had to switch seats with them. I wanted the back seat, but it was okay, we were three from the back. I love Batwing because it’s very intense in the Positive-G area. Jordan said he liked it, but he felt as if he was going to get sick because it was so intense, but he felt fine after the ride. He has been to Six Flags Over Georgia, but I forgot if he liked Superman or Batwing better. He said the trains were very uncomfortable, and would’ve preferred Superman’s trains. After getting Overweight, we headed to…

Superman: Ride of Steel

We were going to wait for the front seat, but decided to wait and go for a back, since it was only a one train wait. Well, as the Red train entered the station, the lapbars didn’t go up, so they had to fix that. Once they did open, they said the ride was down for the difficulties/weather, which it was just raining. They sent the Red train out so that the Blue train could unload. They stopped the red train on the lift, and it remained there for the duration of my visit. So, my favorite ride was down for the day. But, my very little disappointment was shattered once we rode…

The Wild One

One of my favorite Woodies (Grizzly being favorite), but today, this ride easily rivaled it. Had I gotten in more runs, I think Grizzly would’ve been overrun. They were operating both trains, but only loading the Red train. We opted for the back seat, since it had no wait. There was so much airtime on this woodie, more than I have ever experienced before. I think it was because it was still raining. They ops didn’t even check our Seatbelts, mine was loose, but my lapbar was down pretty far. I kept running into the lapbar. It was so nice. Once I hit the brakes, I was all smiles and was giving it a good Coaster Enthusiast Clap. Jordan was also very impressed with it. He said that was the best Woodie he has ever ridden. This was only a bit of things to come for this ride. We decide that we should head over to the other side of the park, and hit…


Roar is another one of my favorite Woodies. They were only running one train, but the lines were about 1-2 train wait, which wasn’t bad. Once again, we chose the back seat for our ride. Once we boarded, I was told to take off my glasses, but I put them back on during the lift, I’ve ridden it before with my glasses on plenty of times (and no, this wasn’t a bad decision, they did stay on). As we were going up the lift, Jordan noticed the layout of Mind Eraser, and said “Oh My, It has so many flips.” This Woodie was also running amazing. I was getting thrown all over and had some nice airtime in the back. I was laughing and having so much fun once again. I have been really surprised how excellently these woodies have been running in the rain. Everything went by in a blur, and I could hear Jordan just having an excellent time. After hitting the breaks, I slipped off my glasses so the op wouldn’t get upset, and put them back on once I entered the station. After coming off in smiles, we decided to hit…


I saw people getting off the ride, so I told him we had to ride since we’d get right on. He never saw the ride move, so all I told him that it was a Scrambler Gone Mad. Once the ride was in motion, we had a blast. He never suspected that, and we were hysterically laughing the ENTIRE ride. I laugh pretty hard on Scrambler, but this ride is just so much fun. How could anyone pass this ride up. After an unsuspected good time, we decided to Press Our Luck on…

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Ahhh, the game I am horrible at, well, anything over Beginner! The game is just too much fun to give up. Jordan is pretty good at it, but not even him could do Standard mode. We did a song called Tear(s). I also did Standard not knowing what I was doing. Once I saw a few arrows come up, I knew I was doomed, so I hit like, one step out of 10. Jordan even lost. We were bummed, but not deterred, or at least, not yet. But, we decided to hit…

Mind Eraser

It’s the evil SLC that Enthusiasts hate. I always make a point to ride it once, each time I visit. It’s not that bad, sometimes, and this wasn’t one of those times. We choose a back seat ride. There was this guy in line that said he rode it 25 times total, he had a red hat on. Thought I’d mention that incase he reads this; I figured he might be an enthusiast. Anyhow, we boarded, and the evil Woman ride op came around and had revenge on everyone for all her bad boyfriends by squashing down our restraints. Both Jordan and I gave a face when she did it. As I said, Jordan saw the layout, and knew we were in for an intense ride. It was painful on the ears, and it wasn’t Jordan’s screaming, that’s for sure. Once we hit the brake run, our ears celebrated, but it’s still a fun ride. Jordan seemed to enjoy it. He liked how everything went by in a blur. So, we left, and decided we try our luck at…

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

We were hoping to have better luck, and we did. I’m not sure what songs we did, but I remember one was like Paranoia or something (I probably just slaughtered that name. It is one of the hardest songs in DDR). I decided that I would do Beginner mode while Jordan did Light. I found Beginner to be pretty easy, but I still liked it because I still wasn’t great. I think I’ll stick with it for awhile. I stayed alive during all three songs, but Jordan went Red on the Paranoia song (last one we did). I worked up a seat, and it was beginner mode. Well, after a good time defeating DDR, I forced Jordan do ride…


I don’t think I need to go into much description of it, since I think everyone has ridden one, sometime in their life. Jordan thought it was going to be like the Teacups, but we proved him otherwise. I think he said he liked it more than Rodeo, but I forget. The ride op had the ride running for a long time, so we were enjoying all that much more. We had time for one more coaster before we met my parents for lunch (between 3-4) and we easily chose…

The Wild One

We got into the queue, and I forced Jordan to do a front seat ride. He wanted back, but since front had no wait, I wanted to do that. I started to rain harder, and we get pelted. I still had my glasses on, but I still couldn’t see. I got a buttload of airtime, much like last time. Only this time, after the double up, I closed my eyes and had no clue where I was going. After the ride, my eyes stung from getting so much water in them. Our facing were soaked more than ever. But, as we exited, we decided to ride it again. We wanted to ride in the front again, but someone was already there, so we went for the second seat. We warned the two kids in front of us what was too come. They learned it the hard way. They were having a blast much like we were, but with more profanity. My lapbar was down a little lower, so I didn’t get as much airtime as before, but it was still plentiful. As we entered the station, Jordan and I, and the kids in front of us got to ride again, so we did. Another great ride, with our eyes closed due to rain.

Well, it was time to find my parents so we could all eat, but by the time we got there, they had already eaten, and told me that we’d be leaving soon after we ate. I was a bit bummed since the rides were running great and lines were non-existent. But it was okay, my parents didn’t want to sit in the rain while Alexis rode the kiddie rides. I’m not sure where we ate, but it had three different lines, one for Pizza, one for Hot Dogs, and one for these Boardwalk style fries. Jordan and I got a Hot Dog and some curly fries, only, Jordan got his smothered in cheese. The fries tasted like the ones from Arby’s, which was good. I enjoyed the food very much. For, a big hot dog, buttload of curly fries, and a medium soft drink, it came to 8 bucks. But hey, it was my parents money, so I didn’t mind. We told my parents we had done all day, but my niece wanted to ride the Octopus ride once more before we left, so that’s what I rode with Alexis, but before we did, we saw…

Loony Toon Characters

Bugs, Daffy, Foghorn Leghorn, and Porky were out to greet guests. Alexis had already hugged most of them before, but wanted to do it again. I felt like being a dork, and decide to as well. Once I got to Foghorn, he didn’t want to give me a hug, so I said “Forget You.” I returned, and he wanted to shake hands, little did he know that I suddenly planned on my pulling him towards me (not far) and giving him a hug. He was surprised, but I got my hug. My dad and Jordan were laughing at my dorkiness, but that’s okay, I got hugs. We finally bid adieu with the characters, and headed to…


This is Alexis’ favorite ride, even more than the Angelica Cars at Kings Dominion. The ride op was slow and we were stuck sitting in the rain forever. He also asked me to take off my glasses, so I decided to sport my Geek Strap (Glasses Strap that I use for looping rides). When the ride first started, it surprised me, because we suddenly whipped around, but after that, the ride was kinda tame, but still enjoyable. Alexis had me hold on to her, since the lapbar was so high up (since I’m bigger than her) and we rode the ride was my armpit behind her head. I’m surprised she didn’t die from the stink, but she survived with a smile.

We then had to leave the park, but not without Jordan getting a Candy Apple and Alexis getting some souvenirs from the Loony Toon Store. Sure, I would’ve liked to have stayed, but it was okay. After sitting in the rain for about 5-10 minutes on Octopus, I was getting sick of the rain. My parents said we’ll return sometime in August when it’s sunny. We left about 5, when we planned to leave at 8.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a fantastic day. I think my surprise of the day was the woodies. They were just Wild and Crazy as woodies that haven’t been slaughtered by Six Flags should be. We saw Two-Face testing throughout the day. Sometimes it was on the lift long, but sometimes testing like normal. Mechanics were all over the ride, including up top the two lifts. I look forward to my next trip, and hopefully Superman will be running better, and hopefully the woodies will still be spectacular.

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Free Falls on Drop Zone: 11!
Batwing Flights: 7!
Superman: Ride of Steel Airtime-age: 10!
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Thursday, July 3, 2003 1:10 PM
Nice TR!
Thursday, July 3, 2003 7:07 PM
SFA takes excellent care of its woodies. Some other SF parks also take pretty good care of their woodies. If any generalization can be make about woodies 's that small parks maintain them bettter. But even that is stretching it.

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