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I am writing a paper for a college course about advertising vs. Public Relations. It has come to my attention that Six Flags is a great company to study for this report, and will be one of the companies I decide to use. I know that the company went from a large advertising campaign over the past couple years, their first national one in years, and then in 2006 dramatically changed from advertising to mostly just using public relations. One of the areas I would like to cover is the finances of past advertising vs. present. I know in the past Six Flags has released their figures for how much Donor was being paid, but I havnt been able to find it nor have I been able to find the current advertising budget.

I have been looking over much of the information provided by the Six Flags website's investors section, and have reviewed a few conference calls. I was just wondering if anyone has the information about how much they have paid in the past vs. what they paid this year, or where I could go to find that information.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I know that you guys are the people to go to for this specific area. I would love if anyone has any other suggestions for my paper or knows of information or sources that could be important to my paper. Thanks in advance for all the help!

Just a heads up, SF didn't turn completely to PR. They used at least two national newspaper ad campaigns and a sponsorship agreement with a major pizza chain to advertise this past season. I'm sure there are others.

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Toys, let's not forget toys.

There's quite a few Six Flags branded inflatables, water slides, bouncy backyard castles, water guns and even a "model" roller coaster that all carry the Six Flags name.

It honestly was a great idea. What better to get your name out there, than to sell "fun" toys and miniaturized versions of attractions?


Thanks for the heads up! I am taking into account the partnerships. The toys have been around for some years now, I would like to say that started in 2003, but dont quote me on it. Im also aware of the deal with Papa Johns, of which however I have not seen anything promoting Six Flags from the Papa Johns end, just seen their face all over Six Flags. I have noticed a great deal of promotional items at regal theaters and Home Depot which are other partners that I feel may have helped Six Flags more externally than this pizza deal, but I could be wrong.

I have taken all of these items into account, but Id still like to see a comparison. I am aware of the newspaper adds, as well as the internet as that have been more of a change than in the past. Thank you for keeping me up to date with these other areas that may effect my research and keep those ideas flowing.

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