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Did anyone else notice the extremely large number of Six Flags ads over the past few days, especially during the Macy's parade yesterday. I'm trying to figure out how to read this blitz, given the financial shape of the company recently.

Gotta find more people to look up Six Flags, find out that parking costs $50, and then never visit.

They can advertise all they want. “You can put lipstick on a pig but you can’t take it to the prom”

But they aren’t even putting lipstick on their trashy oarks. They want to attract people at higher prices without improving the parks.

How is thst incompetent CEO still employed? Good ol boys with the board?

I saw one on here last night. I've also seen several TV and Facebook ads. Pushing free platinum upgrade and parking.

I've noticed the ads but I wouldn't say the prices are higher then they have been in past years. It's only $75 for a SFGAm Diamond pass which includes Hurricane Harbor and the other Hurricane Harbor nearby. SFOG and SFStl. are selling their passes for $60, so that's about the same price point they have sold at for years.

The biggest difference is that the other Six Flags parks aren't included unless you pay for the $249 Diamond Pass. Which seems to be the at the same price point chain wide. I'd bet a large majority of their average guests never visit another Six Flags park, so they probably don't even care about the Diamond Pass.

So it would be the enthusiasts who travel to all the Six Flags parks that would be the only ones really paying more. However with very few new attractions going into most Six Flags parks next year, I'm not sure most enthusiasts will even care about getting a Diamond Pass.

Personally this might be my first time since 2000, that I might not be a Six Flags Passholder. With how SFGAm was run last year, and the lack of anything new. I'll probably take the year off from Six Flags parks.

We're only holding on to our memberships for our road trip this summer. We'll be cancelling at the end of next season unless things change for the better.

If you had a existing membership, did they ever raise the prices on those or take away some benefits like admission to all Six Flags parks? I always had the yearly pass so I never had the monthly membership.

I'm not renewing unless the price of the pass that grants admission to all Six Flags parks comes down.

If they want to make that a separate pass level, fine. But I'm not going to pay a ~$150 increase for a perk that used to be free when almost nothing of value was added last year or will be added this upcoming year. If it went up by $40 and scaled up with time, I probably would have just bought a pass and been done with it.

This is looking like it'll be the first year since 2003 that I won't have a Six Flags pass, and that's entirely on them.

Same benefits and charges as of now. That may change sometime between now and the summer though.

In one of the on line ads...I think they are giving the rest of this year with all of next year.

Dort of like come to holiday in the park now...get next year free.

This kind of goes against the "offer less for a less crowded means better guest experience " mentality.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Which Six Flags parks are even doing Holiday in the Park? SFGAm isn't this year, and it's super disappointing.

Holiday in the Park is at Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom, Over Georgia, Great Adventure, Over Texas, Fiesta Texas and Mexico this season.

No Holiday in the Park for Great America, America, New England, St. Louis., Darien Lake, Great Escape, Frontier City or La Ronde this season.

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Platinum should at least allow regional entry… SFFT & SFOT or SFMM & SFDK, ETC. And the $150 up charge for all of them is too much for our family. In the past we did cheap trips to SFMM and SFOG by flying Spirit- $50 round trip per person! At these pass prices it would have cost us more to get in the park than it did for our Airfare, hotel and rental car combined! To get on topic… yep plenty of Facebook, Reddit and TV ads!

You didn’t need clothes at the parks?
Toothbrushes or deodorant at the hotels?


Toothbrushes or deodorant at the hotels?

Maybe it was a coaster club event

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I’m just going to load my family into our new Family Truckster and take a road trip to California.

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From prior experience: check with the moose out front first.


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Probably trying to stir interest in buying passes or memberships or whatever they’re calling them now as Christmas gifts, I’d imagine.

"The term is 'amusement park.' An old Earth name for a place where people could go to see and do all sorts of fascinating things." -Spock, Stardate 3025

Part of me says that's a really crappy Christmas gift. Another part of me says that it's the perfect gift for my kids since I'm tired of all the useless crap they have and continue to get.


From prior experience: check with the moose out front first.

But if I say you're open, it'll be fine.

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