Six Flags 2015 pass sale!

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Love the way they "package" these sales (yes, that's sarcasm). To make a long story short, you have to buy 2 passes at some parks, 4 at others, in order to take advantage of this Labor Day deal.

Since Jill and I live 5 hours from SFoG, our local friends aren't really SF people, they go South to Disney, Universal, and Busch/Sea World. But we'd love to get in on this deal....if we can find 2 people willing to pick up the other 2 (stupid cheap!) Gold passes for next year. The only "trick" is you'd need to process your passes at SFoG - i.e., we don't need to all visit at the same time to process, but they DO need to be processed by 11/2.

Let me know....thanks!

Note to SF: I'd gladly pay more if they'd let me get Gold Passes in 2-packs...

Last year they did the same thing.. and then a week or two later there was a deal to purchase the passes through Discover for the same price.. without the 2 or 4-pack requirements.

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I don't follow super closely, but I do keep my eye out and the SFoT passes are stupid cheap this weekend. $60 for SFoT and Hurricane Harbor plus parking and gold upgrade (4-pack). $70 for less than 4. We normally find a way to get SFoT gold, parking for $60 so this is a steal.

(There was that one year that they accidentally printed my pass on a combo-pass blank card, but I actually didn't end up going to HH since the rest of my family only had SFoT passes and I don't particularly like water parks).

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Don't forget about possible black friday deals. Last year there were some great deals and heavy discounts at certain parks / chains.

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GrAdv's deal was $61.99 for Gold if buying two. I got someone from a GrAdv group on Facebook to meet me and get the deal Friday. they reimbursed him for his parking that day, taking the $25 of the total cost. He didn't want a portion of that back from me, so I only ended up spending about $54.

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I just got mine on Monday at sfne and it was $49.99 and you get them at that price for individual gold passes.

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I wasn't going to renew my pass for 2014 (I had one in 2013 and for many years prior), but a couple months before SFA opened for this season I got an offer for something like 55% off the cost of a gold pass with parking. The price was too good to pass up, so I went for it. Might have been a targeted offer to people who have had passes and hadn't yet renewed. I'm kind of hoping for the same thing again for 2015, so I'm going to wait to renew.

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