Six Flags 2013 new attraction video

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The first time I heard of YOLO was watching the video and first impressions were that it was a catchy slogan. But I'm so un-hip, I had no idea it was a common phrase that cam from somewhere else. I do think its a bad idea for any company to latch on to a trendy phrase because its can be associated with a certain type of person and they have a very short time span before they move into the lame and dated category.

YOLO is the new EXTREME:

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Something about Jim Reid-Anderson reminds me of Christopher Walken as Max Shreck in Batman Returns, so watching him glorify the used Boomerang that St. Louis is getting is especially awesome.

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The trick was to surrender to the flow.

Jason Hammond said:

If they do a nice refurb and put the new vekoma trains on it, I'll actually be looking forward to riding it on my next visit.

I didn't realize Vekoma had new trains until we rode Carolina Cobra at Carowinds. Very impressed. Similar design to B&Ms new restraints. Wish all Vekomas would get them. No more head-bashing!

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CoffinBoy said:Wish all Vekomas would get them. No more head-bashing!

Which, in all fairness to Vekoma- was, and is incredibly over-exaggerated to begin with.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

DejaVuNitro said:

Does anyone know where the Boomerang is coming from or is it new? Seems like there are too many out there right now to NOT buy used.

Its a hand me down from Six Flags Over Texas. It will be 24 years old next spring.

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