Six Flags' 2012 Additions REVEALED!

Looks like Los Angeles Times beat the parks to the punch.

Here are the rides and attractions hitting Six Flags parks in 2012 (with link to conceptual rendering) -

Superman - Ultimate Flight | Discovery Kingdom

  • Premier launch coaster attaining speeds of 62 mph, featuring two vertical twists, and a heart-line roll at 150' up in the air.

X-Flight | Great America

  • B&M "Wing Rider" coaster with 3,000' of track, 5 inversions, and a top speed of 55 mph.

Lex Luthor - Drop of Doom | Magic Mountain

  • Intamin drop will be the tallest (400') and fastest (85 mph) free-fall tower ride in the world.

Apocalypse | America

  • B&M Stand-Up coaster relocated from Great America.

Sky Screamer | Great Adventure / Fiesta Texas

  • Funtime manufactured giant swing rides.

Goliath | New England

  • Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang relocated from Magic Mountain.

Bonzai Pipeline | Hurricane Harbor (St. Louis / Great Adventure)

  • Looping waterslide.

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Isn't the 2012 Dollywood attraction expected to be a B&M Wing Rider? I thought they were talking about it as a first-of-its-kind in North America.

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Looks like the Magic Mountain drop tower will be similar to what Australia has with their Tower of Terror. Great to see Iron Wolf live on as well.

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Yup. Lex Luthor - Drop of Doom will have two tower mounts, one on each side of the Superman tower for a capacity of 16 for the ride (8 riders per side).

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Guess they weren't on the heads-up that SFGAm was getting one,, I think Dollywood's coaster is slated to debut in March. So technically, it will be the first wing rider to operate in the US.

Anyway, those are some really exciting additions! I'd be more than a little ticked at the LA Times if I were Six Flags, though...


The article was pulled immediately after it was posted. The Six Flags PR team sure work quick! And they probably weren't very happy with the leak either.

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The article still made it into the Google cache, although not the photo gallery. :)

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I screen-shotted all of the images. But not sure how to load them on here. :)

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kRaXLeRidAh said:
Yup. Lex Luthor - Drop of Doom will have two tower mounts, one on each side of the Superman tower for a capacity of 16 for the ride (8 riders per side).

Another long line at Six Flags Magic Mountain. :)

Hopefully, the concept of a terrifying 40-story free-fall drop at 85 mph will keep most park-goers at bay. :)

A lot of Southern California locals find the 252' plunge on Knott's 312' tall Supreme Scream unbearably high (with good's still S&S's highest descent installation to date). Tell them the Magic Mountain ride is an additional 150' up...and then back down? You'd have to pay some of these people to go on it. :)

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That might actually get me to go back to magic mountain one day. That sounds awesome.

Magic Mountain and Great America seem to be the must visit parks in 2012.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Here you can find the article with pictures on it (The new SFDK Coaster looks crazy)

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I'm curious to find out whether or not Superman Ultimate Flight is planned to replace Big Spin (and if it does, where will Big Spin go?)

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Interesting that they are reusing the X-Flight name. CF must have let the copyright expire on that one. Or trademark? I forget which it is.

@ Pagoda:
It would be trademark (speaking as one who would know) though I'm not sure that it was ever *registered* as a trademark. My X-Flight shirt only has the "TM" logo which means relatively nothing as opposed to the offical USPTO mark of "®".

BTW: Why bring up Cedar Fair? X-Flight was the name of the flying coaster when the park was Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. CF had nothing to do with the name, unless the name was transferred, but I've heard nothing about that.
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^ I was wondering about that too. Presumably CF inherited names like X-Flight and Raging Wolf Bobs for use at Geauga Lake, but others like Mind Eraser and Serial Thriller had to be changed since SF had other coasters with that name at other parks. But I don't know the trademark status of any of those.

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The SFDK Premier launcher looks like it's the best of the bunch- not just of the Six Flags additions, but all the 2012 US additions announced so far. I'd have no problem with that thing being cloned and put everywhere.

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Pretty cool that they are reusing the ultimate escape tower for a drop ride.

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