Six Flags 2007 Q1 Conference Call Notes

rollergator said:
But Chik-Fil-A will *not* be open on Sundays, per their company policy. Does make me wonder about the choice of Chik-Fil-A as a *partner* in the food service aspect...

Yeah, but the quality makes up for the one day of no addition to the fact that any good CP trip should be taken over two days anyway, so you'd be bound to hit it one day!!

Ajrides said:
Mark Shapiro on Mad Money talks with Cramer

That's good to hear Magic Mountain was responsible for the 7% increase in chainwide attendance this quarter. Shows park improvements, good strategic marketing and a new face can work wonders.

Thanks for the link.

Re: the marketing. This is one of the first years in a long time that I've seen them actually advertise the coasters (Tatsu), Roaring Rapids, and the Bugs Bunny rides in the same commercials. It's good to see them focusing on the diversity of what's available in the park.

The park is looking better and better each time I see it. I'm a wee bit hesitant about seeing too many ads pop up around the park so I hope they have a little restraint in their numbers and placement.

Six Flags Inc.'s (SIX) first-quarter loss narrowed, as costs and expenses, the cost of accounting for stock-option payments and loss on fixed assets fell, while attendance rose 6%. The New York-based amusement park operator's loss narrowed to $170.6 million, or $1.86 a share, from a loss of $241 million, or $2.63 a share, a year earlier. The company's loss from continuing operations narrowed to $1.76 a share from $2.14 a share. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial expected, on average, a loss of $1.93 a share.

Somebody smarter than me care to interpret...?

They obvioulsy are doing better than expected...but aren't they still losing money? Or am I reading this wrong? A loss from continuing operations seems like a bad

Is this just a QI loss that they can make up later in the year? Are they expecting massive profits to offset this loss?

No doubt they are heading in the right direction. My concern is if this is too little and too late. It would seem that major operating expense cuts STILL need to come{2D442709-B897-4625-856D-01CBF8191ACE}

...look down the page for the SIX info!

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