Six Flags 2007 Parking Pass Fiasco!

Really if you think about it if the parking passes are valid at all (or most) Six Flags Parks it will not hurt that much if at all in the long run. It’s not like there are millions of people who go to more then one Six Flags park in a season. This Season Pass Parking thing is more of a Marketing Gimmick to make the Season Passes Parking passes have more value which means they can charge more for it. For us on the board we will problem enjoy this new feature but most everyone else will never use it.
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KissyLou said:I am going to assume that it might be the individual parks themselves (IE: SFGAm and SFA) that jumped the gun.

After a couple of weeks (months?) of wating, and waiting, for corporate to hand down some POLICIES....I can imagine that a few GMs might have gotten a little distressed...LOL!

As far as the websites are concerned, it seems that MOST companies think of notifying the webmaster/webmistress of changes AFTER customers complain about incorrect or out-of-date information being posted on the site... :)

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