Single Rider at BGA (SheiKra)

Was at BGA a week or so back and found that they no longer hav a single riders line, anyone know why? That thing saved me alot of time and many more rides on SheiKra.
I'm guessing there may have been single rider abuse? In other words groups of people posing as single riders? I know at HP last week that they had a single-rider line for the Reeses Extreme Cup Challenge, and at first I'm thinking "Do they have some kind of fastpass thing I don't know about yet?" as there was a steady stream of people using that line.
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Yeah, on S:ToP at SFoT they have a single riders line and people use it and then make ridiculous requests like "we want to be on the same car." Kind of defeats the entire purpose.

Perhaps because of the 8 across seating, the single rider line becomes the double rider line (it's not rare to see a row go out with 2 or 3 empty seats) which probably means it gets jam packed with doubles and doesn't help anybody.

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ApolloAndy said:"we want to be on the same car."

You may certainly do that, if you are willing to get back in line. I have used the single riders' lines with friends and family (if everyone has ridden before and no one is "new" to the ride), and it *occasionally* happens you get to ride in the same row/car, but such "requests"...should NEVER be granted. SINGLE riders may wait together, but you SHOULD be riding solo.

Usually in FL parks they're pretty good about denying that kind of stuff...thankfully. It would get WAY out of hand quickly.

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There is ALWAYS a group of people who will abuse something if they can gain from it. Groups posing as singles isn't the only thing I've seen people do to avoid waits in line. In 1986 I was at the World's Fair in Vancouver. They had a policy where if someone in a group was handicapped they could get onto an Attraction without waiting in line. It was my last day there, and this was the last show of the day for a certain attraction (an IMAX Film) and I had waited almost 90 minutes to see the show. A Family came in, who had one child in a wheelchair. After seeing the show I exited and I spotted the family again, One of the children was arguing with the one who was in the wheelchair. I could not believe what I saw next. The one who was in the chair got up and the other one took his place! This family was deliberately abusing the Fair's Handicapped Visitor Policy! If it had not been the fact it was now closing time I would have Screamed Bloody Murder to let oppicials know about these Cheaters! :(

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I saw the same thing at Cedar Point the year I went. Two teenagers pushing each other in a wheelchair gaining access to the front of the line and then you see them in the midway and both are walking perfectly fine.

Talk about abusing the system.

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That used to be a problem at Six Flags over Georgia, but now if there is a wheelchair in the family, they just give them a (discounted) The Flash Pass. And since they're not allowed to wait in regular lines, they have the same amount of waiting time as the rest of it. It's the perfect plan, really.

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I see nothing wrong with groups "posing" as singles in single rider lines as long as they truly ride as singles and DON'T expect to be seated together as a group.

Expecting to be seated together after waiting in the singles line WOULD be abusing the system; deciding to split up and ride the ride seperately would not be.

The purpose of a singles line is to fill solitary empty seats that would have gone unfilled had the singles line not existed, thus improving thoroughput and allowing the ride to run at greater capacity.

Whether these seats are filled by someone who is at the park by themselves, or someone who is with someone else but decided to ride seperate from their "party" in order to save a little time, is IMO a non issue.

Just because two people may attend a park together, this does not mean they must be joined at the waist and experience everything together. Certainly it is their perogative to "split up" for part of the day and ride solo, so doing this with attractions with single rider lines is basically the same thing.

It would be too much of a hassle for the cast members to have to figure out if the people in the singles line are with someone else in the singles line. Even if they are attending the park with others who are also in the singles line, as long as each person follows the rules of the singles line (ie, cooperate with being seated as a "party of one") then IMO they are not "abusing the system".

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^thats correct.

I just wish more parks had them. None of our Ohio parks have them. I also recently visited SFGam, the raging bull was sending trains with 6 or more empty seats. On 4 trains they were in front. But instead I have to wait over 1/2 hr to get into the station. Single rider lines would bump up the riders per hour on almost any ride.

Intamin Fan said:
I'm guessing there may have been single rider abuse? In other words groups of people posing as single riders? HP... had a single-rider line for the Reeses Extreme Cup Challenge

Xtreme Cup Challenge runs two 4 person cars per "train" for a total of 8 people per "train".

As long as they fill as many of those 8 seats as they can with people from the regular line (including singles in the regular line) BEFORE turning to the single rider line, no problem.

Regular line moves no slower and single riders (or groups of riders who don't mind being split up and riding single) move through much faster. Folks in the regular line are no worse for wear... and the single riders get to ride a lot sooner than standing in a 30 minute line while single empty seats go out.

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The problem someone brought up with Raging Bull is a universal problem for B&Ms and anyone else who uses four-across seating. Instead of having two people dumping their bags and belongings and/or removing footwear, now you've got four. It's probably a lot easier to let the seats go empty. It's fairly easy to get a pair of riders together, but to get three or more is much harder.

The very first time I saw a single-rider line for anything was at Seven Springs Ski Resort near Pittsburgh during a ski-club outing from school in the mid-80's. I made frequent use of it since not everyone was skiing at the same speeds.

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