Simpsons makes fun of Coaster enthusiasts :)

Who saw tonight's Simpsons?....Homer is in charge of rebuilding a wooden coaster, and of course, hilarity ensues....

But, the best part was their characterization of coaster enthusiasts (or as they called them: "Traveling coaster geeks") was perfect....they totally hit the nail on the head :)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw it!

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I caught the tail end.. luckily my tivo was on that channel from earlier football and I was able to back it up and catch the whole coaster part.
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Missed it... much like I've missed most Simpsons episodes since they started phoning it in. Let the nerd-debate rage on what season that actually began.

Let's hope someone You Tubed it.

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I about fell-over when I saw that!

I hoped more of you saw it as well!

For those of us who missed it to those who didnt, details please.

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Well, it really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Descriptions would not do it justice. But...I bet it will be YOutubed in the near future!

Real Cbuzz quote of the day - "The classes i take in collage are so mor adcanced then u could imagen. Dont talk about my emglihs" - Adamforce
Thanks for the heads up. I have the Simpsons set to record on my DVR but I often just delete them since I can't possibly watch all I record. In this episode Marge takes up carpentry but no one will hire a woman so she has Homer take credit for all her work. Eventually it gets to her and she refuses to continue just as they get the job of fixing the town coaster, the Zoominator. Homer tries to hire a crew to help him fix it but he screws that up and so he does it himself. When he has the ceremony to reopen the ride, he welcomes "ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and out of town rollercoaster weirdos". They then show the weirdos who all raise their hands together and yell like they are riding a coaster. There are three coaster shirts in the crowd: Newton's Revenge, Dilbert's Flying Cubical, and Vomit Mountain. When Homer drops the veil covering the entire dilapidated coaster (yes there is a veil over the whole thing), he hits it with the cork from a champagne bottle and it starts to come apart some. One coaster weirdo in a tuxedo t-shirt points up and says, "I am not getting married on that." His bride to be in a wedding veil and pants says, "You won't get married on Colossos, you won't get married on the Zoominator, you won't get married on the Pharaoh's Curse? Just say it. It's me!" and she throws down her wedding veil and runs off crying and the groom runs after her. Homer stubbornly decides to ride and Marge runs all over the track fixing bad spots before Homer gets to them. Aside from being in bad shape, the ride looks really cool. After Homer safely finishes his ride the whole thing falls down. The episode is called "Please Homer Don't Hammer 'Em".
I would really really love to see a clip of this somewhere!!!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I have the whole episode and will send a YouSendIt link to anyone who is interested. Just shoot me a private message with your e-mail address. If I posted it to YouTube or Google Video it'd just get taken down.
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As soon as it's up on the bit-torrents, I'll snag a copy of it & You-Tube it, unless someone beats me to it...

It won't always get taken down, but it was a hilarious bit.

The shot of the coaster weirdos from out of town had me rolling, which was rare in a modern Simpsons episode... and I knew they couldn't just end the episode without someone riding it. Glad it was Homer... although very unrealistic how it was portrayed (I coulda sworn there were TWO lifts... the first hill and then the 2nd hill where he finally reveals the truth)...

...but hey, it's entertainment. Better coaster than the Enron Stock coaster they had a few years back!

It was really funny... one of the best new episodes I've seen in a while.
There were two lifts. The second hill was not a lift when he started going up it but became one when he got near the top.
the best was that when Homer called out the traveling coaster nerds, the camera zoomed to them, and they all put their hands in the air and screamed like they were going down a hill!

Hilarious. Great episode. PS-did anyone see the Justice commercial with the woman dying on a roller coaster? Does anyone know what roller coaster it is? it looked like a pinfari track to me, but I could be, and probably am, wrong

I saw it. It looks like the Scandia Screamer in SoCal.
My boss asked me to come to his office earlier today and asked if I had seen last nights episode of "The Simpsons". When I told him I had, he said "Yeah, I thought of you when Homer started talking about those roller coaster weirdos." Nice to know my boss thinks so highly of me! ;)

Ray P.

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Should be up on You-Tube in a few minutes!! :)

I cut out the A-Plot & the B-Plot & just stuck with the meat of it! :)

I'll post the link as soon as it's ready.

There is a clip of it up on the coaster website that we dare not speak their just look around for it.
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Well, the entire clip is up.

You can go HERE to my profile & just click on the newest video (Homer Simpsons Tries to Re-build Zoominator!). It didn't give me the direct link yet 'cause the video is still "pending", and I gotta step out for a couple hours. It should be there by the time you click on it (if not, give it a few more minutes)... the entire clip is roughly 5 minutes long, since I took out all the other usless junk out of it.

As soon as I get the direct link, I'll edit this post... but at least it's not on a "competiting website".

Here's the Direct Link...

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That really wasn't that funny.
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Thanks for the video! Wish it was captioned since I'm deaf. But the post by RavenTTD does help! Thanks to you too! :)

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