Simple question: BGA "fun card" at BGE?

Just wondering if the "fun card" from Busch Gardens Africa/Tampa is valid for admission at Busch Europe / Williamsburg? It isn't very clear on the website.

## also, can non-florida residents buy one? I noticed its listed as that on the site, but when you click "details" it's not in the restrictions and i just figured they put that for the locals who are more likely to actually buy one...


In short: No and No

Long version: A fun card at both BGE and BGA are only available to instaters, if you want a pass that is good at both parks you have to buy a platnum, 2 year pass. The plus side of this expensive option is that you get free parking, 10% off all purchases in park, and other platnum rewards at your home park (free prefered parking, EE, etc.)

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Anyone can buy the BGA Funcard. You only have to be a state resident to buy the BGE Funcard.

A phonecall to the park could have told you this.

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you MIGHT be able to get a discount, however, with your BGA fun card to BGE. not garanteeing that, but its worth a shot asking the park. if all else fails, i know A-B parks offer i think 15 percent off for AAA members lol.
Yeah every year we get my grandparents to buy the tickets since they live in an hour away. So yeah the anwsers are "no" unless you know someone who lives there.

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