Simple Question. . . Spell Breaker Lego land California.

Sunday, October 10, 2004 1:49 PM
Well I have never really paid attention to the ride and I heard it was closed after the 2003 season but I was wondering why? I haven't heard anything and have been unable to find an answer. So someone please fill me in. Why was the ride closed? It isn't even old. 2000 I believe.
Sunday, October 10, 2004 2:12 PM
I don't think an official reason was ever given. I suspect maintenance, although PKI's seems to work fine. Could have been capacity as well, although Legoland has a ton of low capacity rides.

So my answer would be I dunno...

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Monday, October 11, 2004 10:19 AM
It probably doesn't help that the manufacturer got forced out of business with the Showquest bankruptcy a couple of years ago...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Monday, October 11, 2004 10:45 AM
Hasn't PKI had repeated problems with Scooby's lift? Could that have been a problem at Legoland also?
Monday, October 11, 2004 2:19 PM
It was a combination of the lift problem coupled with a dismal rph figure. It had the longest and slowest lines in the park when it was running. Would not surprise me if it is gone before spring.
Monday, October 11, 2004 2:30 PM
Spellbreaker is already removed. When I went a few weeks ago, all that was left was a slightly torn apart station. The track and pretty much all traces of the ride are gone.
Monday, October 11, 2004 4:15 PM
janfrederick's avatar How about a nice flume instead?
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Monday, October 11, 2004 7:26 PM
If Kings Island has had problems with Scooby's lift, they've done a remarkable job of hiding that fact. In the unscientific survey of days that I have been in the park since the ride opened, Scooby has better up-time than either Reptar or Son of Beast.

Still, that 96 PPH capacity is a real killer...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Monday, October 11, 2004 9:10 PM
Scooby has been down twice all day out of the 4 times I've been to PKI.
Monday, October 11, 2004 10:05 PM
It was still standing when I was there in August, and the maintenance supervisor that I was talking to wouldn't comment one way or another about it.

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