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Sunday, August 6, 2000 10:00 AM
Since I don't feel like typing today, I am just gonna talk about the coasters.
In order (I went for 2 days):
Racer forwards: I was bored. I got minimal airtime because the lap bar went SO far down!!!

Racer bacwards: Amazing! Airtime city!!! It was so cool riding backwards!! Amazing ride.

Outer Limits: 15 min. I'm sorry but this ride just rocks. I don't know why everybody complains about it. It really wasn't that rough, I thought the inversions were super smooth. The boarding process was by far the coolest. Watching those trains fly by really freaked me out. The second day, we rode twice in a row. It just got better and better. Very scary.

Vortex: 5 min. Very cool Arrow mega-looper. The only times I found this coaster rough, was it's treansistions into the two dives after the drop and before the loops. The turnaround into the brake tun before the corkscrews is sweet!!!! It was quite humorous to hear everybody on the train scream OWW!! at points. The second day, we rode near the front, that is so much better than the back. The only reason is because after you crest the second hill, the car jerks and you fling right out of your seat. The inversions were also better, becasue there was a little more float.

Beast: 25 min. I got a lot out of Shivering Timbers, so I didn't know if Beast was gonna satisfy me. Boy was I suprised. This coaster is all about speed. The ending helix is by far my favorite element on any coaster ever. Just as good as Shivering Timbers, I wouldn't say better, but not worse, just as good, amazing ride. The second day, the line was a tad longer, but the ride was just as good.

Drop Zone: 35 min. Very fun. Slow moving line though. Taking my shoes off was a good idea. My one complaint was that they push those harnesses down, WAY down. My body didn't even shift when we dropped. It was a great rush though. I felt so free, just falling. WEEEEEE!!!!
Best woodie: The Beast
Worst woodie: probably Racer forwards

Best steel: Vortex by small margin
Worst steel: King Gardner Snake

Best non ride: the games!!!!

Overall best: The Beast

A great day over all, can't wit for the next big ride!! A lot different than CP.


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