Silverwood, anybody ever been there?

I might be moving to Idaho in a couple of years and there is not much around for amusement parks. Silverwood is the biggest one up there. From there website and rcdb it looks like a nice little park. Has anyone ever been there or have any trip reports or pictures from there?

No :)
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Yes, I've been there. It is a nice park with two killer woodies stuffed full of airtime and some delicious laterals.

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I'll be heading to Silverwood for and ACE Gathering this August. I have heard nothing but GOOD THINGS about this park and its Two Woodies. I have also heard this park refered to (Euphamastically) as "HOLIDAY WORLD WEST". Needless to say that's quite a challenge. When I go through its gates this summer I will say out loud "Silverwood, PROVE YOUR WORTH!"


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Great park, beautiful setting, awesome wooden coasters. Last I heard Jeff Hammersley, the man who used to maintain Holiday World's woodies, was maintaining Tremors and Timber Terror so they should be in top-shape.
I wish there were more parks like it. A cool selection of flats isolated by trees gives the park a great feel.

Both woodies were running fantastic when we were there late last summer. Tremors stands out as one of the best anywhere, and Timber Terror holds it's own.

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Silverwood has the best 1-2 wooden coaster combo of any park, anywhere. In my opinion, anyway, and using a strict definition that a park has to have exactly two wooden coasters to qualify ;)

More seriously, it really IS a great park, and until Voyage opened Tremors was far and away my favorite wooden coaster.

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I wonder, how does Silverwood price their food, drinks, souveniers, and games? We all know about some other similar independent and small chain parks (KW, HW, LC, KG, etc.) that are very reasonable regarding this matter.

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I was there two years ago. I liked Timber Terror a little more then Tremors. Tremors needed a little work. But in all both coasters were good.

The souvineres were priced ok, I picked up cool magnets of each coaster (probably the coolest ones in my collection that has covered my entire freezer door)and a Tremors shirt. I just checked the backs of the magnets and they still have the prices on them $3.99 and $2.99. Aside from the coasters I don't remember too much about the actual park other then the Arrow missing OTSR on half the train!

My wife and I used to live in Pullman WA, when we were in Graduate School and would make a few trips up to Silverwood each year. We got to watch Tremors being built (Wow, look at all those tunnels!) and got to ride it in it's first month of operation. A very nice little park that also holds an interesting historical coaster: The Original Corkscrew that used to live at KBF now resides at Silverwood.

Haven't been there in a few years, and I've heard the new waterpark is pretty nice... Might try and make it this summer if we can. Tremors and Timber Terror are very VERY nice woodies and it's great fun to ride Timber Terror and "race" the traffic along the highway. :)

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As fantastical as those two woodies are (and they ARE), they're only going to get better - see Moosh's post. ;)

The place has enormous charm. There's been some cnocentration on the waterpark lately, but as that grows the place, should bring in more money for cap-ex. Do NOT forget the RDC dry-land bumper boats... :)

I did kinda miss the Chance Skydiver on the last trip up there...and I recall reading somewhere that another smallish park *recently* got a Skydiver.....anyone know if it's the same one?

Like Greg, I also had TrEmOrS on the top of the heap for a considerable period. :)

Thanks for all the reports and info on the park. I might be making a short trip up there in the summer to check things out.

I really can not wait to ride the woodies after reading all the good posts about them. They look amazing in the pictures.

I really love small parks and like to see them doing well and expanding. Another 5 to 10 years and think this park will be getting alot of attention and really get itself on the map.

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I do too. I'm looking forward to Waldameer once Ravine Flyer 2 is open. I've also have to go on those darkride attractions, the spinning coaster, and that Ferris Wheel that has such a beautiful view.

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