Silverwood advice?

Anyone have tips for visiting Silverwood tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday?
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Have fun.

If you like wood coasters, you're going to the right place. :)

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RDC dry-land bumper boats! ;)

Lots and lots of wood-coaster action... :)

Please post a TR when you Return GWN. I'll be visiting Silverwood this August, and If this park is half as good as I hear it is I'll be in for a Treat! :)

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It's twice as half as good as you hear. :)

Trust us.

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Silverwood really is all that, IMO. Don't miss the magic show; it was quite a bit better than expected. :)

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We live across the state from Silverwood and it is the best ma and pa park around.

Tremors and Timber Terror are conveniently located across from each other. So, if you've had enough of Tremors laterals you can hop on the airtime machine TT. I personally love TT and rank it as my #1 woodie.

The flume ride is a kick and you get soaked on the white river rapids ride. There are about a dozen old school flats the park offers as well as bumper boats, a themed kiddie area with a small scale runaway mine coaster (Tiny Toot) for families and the little ones.

The park also has a nice steam train ride that circles around the park.

Next door to Silverwood is the water park Boulder Beach which is continually adding new water ride additions.

The only thing I don't like about the park is the long walk back to Coaster Alley and the narrow pathways and lack of shade for those hot days.

I can't wait to visit for our ACE event in August!


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