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OK, I thought I would make this a trip report on Europapark and tell you what a great time I had there with my two nieces (11 and 9 years old) despite the constant rain of cats and dogs that kept us wet all day (5/29/2006)
But it would be too long.

Instead, I would like to talk about how Silverstar was running much better than I remembered - it delivered airtime on every one of the three seats that my nieces gave me time to experience (one in front, middle and back, each with a wait of 5-15 minutes)
They kept it running through the rain (in one-train-operation) but later, as we experienced a dry period, they added two more trains instantly.
I wonder if it was due to the rain that it seemed to run faster than last time or because they reduced the trims. They were all noticably on, but didn't destroy the airtime moments in any way.
Especially in the back, I was out of my seat in every single drop - as far as the close and snug restraint system was allowing me, that is.
Overall, B&M trains make Intamin hyper trains really feel like toy cars - they just feel so incredibly solid and well designed.

What's funny is that they added a plaster shielding all along the right side of the first drop - my guess is they did this to block the screams from disturbing the presentations on the numerous stages in the park - and maybe it is also an effort to make the appearance of SiSta even less scary.
During the ride, I didn't even notice it (but maybe it was also because I needed to squint because of the rain) :))

I know, I can't get around the shpeel of "don't go to Europapark just to ride SiSta" now - and it's true. In the end I had more fun exploring the park with the two kids than on my laps on Silverstar.
It's something for people of all ages, maybe not "high culture" but still lots of unusual things to behold, do and experience.
They really spend a lot of attention on details - e.g. in darkrides they sometimes use essential oils to create a pleasant environment for the nose as well - and some of what you get to see is really surprising and unexpected - and absolutely free of Disney or Warner Brothers characters (if you ignore the obvious Mickey Mouse ripoff that is EuroMouse and the occasional presence of sponsors, like Mercedes Benz or Nivea, which is mostly unobtrusive).
The park is big and packed with an incredible amount of impressive and fun things - sometimes the funnest things are really small, like a little panel that allows you to control big waterfountains on the lake - or a talking tree, or then you walk by this enormous animatronic metal dragon that moves its machine head naturally etc.
In this way, it expands the "enchanted forest" idea to a whole new level.
Europapark almost feels like a single contiguous attraction in itself. It did manage to engage my brother's two kids (who were too scared to get on any coasters or other speedy rides) as well as myself as a member of the speed/thrill-seeking crowd.

I personally found the admission not to be on the "cheap" side, I paid 29 EUR for myself, and 25.5 EUR for each of the kids, which together with some lunch, cotton candy, parking (3.5 EUR) etc. added up to around 100 EUR for the day - but it's still quite a fair price, I guess, compared to what you get for a similar price at other parks.

OK - that's all for now - maybe I'll write more later. *** Edited 6/2/2006 5:13:46 PM UTC by superman***

airtime for everyone
Thanks for the report. I know a lot have been disappointed with Silverstar in the past. Glad to see you got some good air...and better yet enjoyed the rest of the park.
Superman I'm very jealous. I'd love to get some laps on Silverstar! :) If its anything like Nitro I'd be a happy camper for sure!

Millennium Force Laps-169 **Vertigo Launches-21** Dragster Launches-53
^ See, and I would really like to see what Nitro is really like, those twisting hills look really amazing!

I suspect once you have ridden Nitro, Silverstar as a coaster may probably pale somewhat in comparison (the layout is more simple out-and-back and offers no real surprises)

There's no reason for me to complain about SiSta, I would also camp @ Nitro though :) *** Edited 6/4/2006 12:31:28 PM UTC by superman***

airtime for everyone

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