Silver Dollar City-Worth Going?

I just found out that my son & daughter have a national dance competition in Branson next summer. We all think that Branson is pretty lame but would like to know if Silver Dollar City is worth a visit. I didn't see any recent posts about this park. Can anyone enlighten me?

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...yes. A million times, yes.

I am a thrill-junkie, but SDC is one of my favorite parks of all time. Though small, their collection of rides is superb (Powder Keg and Wildfire are both mind-blowing), the atmosphere is terrific, their shows are some of the most entertaining I have ever experienced, and nearly every item of food they offer is nothing short of delicious.

I know that was a very general response, so if your looking for anything specific, please, just let me (us) know. It really is an amazing, must-visit attraction!

-Daniel of my favorite parks too--well worth a visit.

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I'll ditto the other's sentiments.

Beautiful park, lots of fun. Planned on only a day, ended up spending a second day and never got bored. SDC has an awesome B&M looper, fun S&S launched and the Best. Mine. Train. Ever! Do yourself a favor and sit in one of Thunderation's backwards-facing cars near the back of the train for your first ride (each train features car facing both forward and backward). And then hold on're in for a treat! : - )

Plus the park has some cool dark rides, water rides, and flats. And do not miss the Cave tour, it's worth the time and effort.

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I would love to check this park out.

I hear that it's a lot like dollywood.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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It is a lot like Dollywood. I wonder why that is....? ;)

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Powder Keg was such an unexpected surprise. Silver Dollar City is the posterpark for quality over quantity.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

There will be an echo in this forum, 'cause I'll just add another vote to what the other folks have said: Yes, it's worth going. SDC doesn't have really any *amazing* rides - they sorely need a top rate wooden coaster IMO, but what they have is quite good - Powder Keg is surprisingly fun and Wildfire is one of the better B&M loopers out there with a great first drop and in one hell of a setting. The mine train is fun too. However, the reason you go is the atmosphere and the food. Yes, the food. By far and without question the best food of any amusement park - superior by a fair amount even to sister park Dollywood, and I think some of, if not the, friendliest service of any park, large or small. Because it's a royal pain in the, uh, donkey to get to, and getting around in Branson is a exercise in large-quantity-advil-consumption, I don't get out there often, but each time I have gone, I absolutely have enjoyed my day at SDC and I can't imagine any first time visitor not having a blast there.

Go on a diet before though, you've been warned....


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I also enjoyed the S&S swing. It really is a great park! (Too bad we tried to do SDC and CC in a day and a half.)

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^At least you (and I) were able to ride OzCat....not having ridden Prowler, that stands second only to T-Head among GCI yumminess in my book. Celebration City's demise, and the failure to relocate OzCat (SDC would both make an *ideal candidiate*, but WA wouldn't be a bad choice as Cheetah is more O-n-B in layout), strike me as odd in that I normally think of HFEC as being really big-picture thinkers.

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Yeah. We got night rides on OzCat both nights and it was great. Between napping, driving and sleeping in though, we were only able to get half a day at SDC. I would've loved to have more than one lap on Powder Keg, as anti-climactic as the finish was...

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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The mine train does in fact, rock! And I totally agree with Moosh in that you should take your first ride near the back of the train in one of the backward-facing cars. You'll have no idea what is coming and constantly be surprised. It's a blast!

Love, love, love this park. Been there a dozen times at least.

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ThuNderaTion is still one of my very favorite mine rides, right up there with the original and the one at SFFT. Can't speak for PKeg, hard to believe it's been around THIS long and I've yet to return to Branson. Trip next year is already in the works, though... :)

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After almost 500 coasters and 40+ years of riding I don't get to experience many "holy crap!" hands-quickly-to-the-grab-bar moments any more. Sitting backwards on Thunderation for my fist ride provided quite a memorable one ;)

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