Silver Dollar City posts Outlaw Run animation

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Silver Dollar City continues to market its 2013 inverting wooden roller coaster with point-of-view animation.

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Looks awesome! It's clever how they cut away from the POV during the interesting parts of the ride.

I recognize the guy doing the voice over as the same guy who does truck commercials. I find his voice annoying as a modern spokesperson, but it seems to work well here to me because I imagine him to be from the past, if that makes any sense.

Appears to be an awesome ride given the elements and location. Actually, I think the location is a very underrated aspect of Outlaw Run.

I still have my issues with this being a real wooden coaster due to the track configuration, but that's a personal enthusiast problem. I see it both ways. For now, the track is hybrid to me. No matter the definition, I'm really hoping Outlaw Run lives up to its hype! SDC is now on the bucket list.

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At first, I thought, "Yeah right, there can't be that many trees that close to the layout." Then I remembered who is building this.

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AJ, I think it's going to come down to the wheel assemblies for the final verdict on this ride. If they use traditional wood coaster steel assemblies I'd be more inclined to see this like a wood coaster with RMC topper track all the way through, thus a wood label-leaning hybrid. If they go with the urethane wheels they use on NTG, it's almost completely a steel coaster with wood supports. The only difference between OR and NTG would be the wood laminate bed the topper track sits on. That would put the identification somewhere between NTG and El Toro I guess. Either way, the ride is going to be swift, smooth, and amazing.

And LK, isn't it Sam Elliot doing the voices for those commercials? I don't think the voice for the Outlaw Run video is him, but it sounds a lot like him.

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If there are really that many trees, they must be installing some plastic ones.

Trees for the win! This looks like a great ride. I need to find a way to visit this park next year.

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When did we start calling them trees?

I though the correct term was 'charm'

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I didn't want to start a new thread, so I revived this in order to answer the question about where Outlaw Run will stand in regards to classification. The videos of the train at Rocky Mountain's IAAPA booth show steel wheels with a very complex suspension on both running and side friction wheels. I'm sorry if others disagree, but my original assumption for this ride stands - it's like a RMC topper track all the way through on a traditional wood coaster. I think that luxury automobile-looking suspension answers many concerns with ride roughness. I can't wait to ride this beast.

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It is topper track on wood. There's no argument about that. The argument some make us does that count as a wooden coaster? After riding Giant last year I say who cares.

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In terms of "do I want to ride?" - I don't care at all.

But when the GT ballots come out, I need to classify them one way or the other, since the ballot delineates wood and steel. FWIW, they're steel (albeit with wooden supports).

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