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Thursday, January 13, 2005 10:46 PM
Just got my Silver Dollar City Times newsletter and thought I would let you know about some more new things at the Silver Dollar City properties in Branson, MO.

At Silver Dollar City, besides powderkeg, their adding the new festival "Bluegrass and BBQ" festival.

Celebration City is not adding a ride, but "Circus Gardens." The paper as quoted, "It's our favorite NEW spot and the perfect playland for your family, as they discover fabulous feats of foliage with amazing creations such as basket trees, dancing bears and more you'll have to see to believe!" The paper also speaks of a "Bigger and Better Nightly Music, Laser and Fireworks Spectacular!"

Nothing really new at Whitewater besides more cabanas.

I would like to know why the paper says, " ... and 3 launching contraptions." because is there more than just the first launch or is there three things that make the launch happen?



Friday, January 14, 2005 12:39 AM
Well everything has been confirmed forever, but thanks anyway.

The new garden is being made up of the other "Circus Trees" that the Herchends bought from Bonfante Gardens (they also bought Orbitor from Bonfante as well). There are several of the trees that they got already in the park and with their new "botanical efforts" that they started this past season, it is not surprising.

The "new" SDC festival is just one that they stopped and they are bringing it back (with a new name I might add). As for the "three launching mechanisms, you'll just have to wait and be surprised ;) I think you'll like it though.

The cabanas aren't much, but surprisingly enough bring in a lot of ROI. WWB is to be getting a new slide in 2006 from what I have heard. Also they are discussing whether or not to change WWB name or the Hawaiian Falls park names. We'll see in due time.


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