Silver Dollar City announces Mystic River Falls

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Switzerland-based manufacturer RES is working with Silver Dollar City to create the new Mystic River Falls, billed as "the tallest drop on a raft ride in the Western Hemisphere" in a promotional video. Currently midway through construction, it will open in summer 2020, in time for Silver Dollar City's diamond jubilee celebrations.

Read more from The Springfield News-Leader.

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Totally unfamiliar with this company, but it looks like they're no strangers to water rides. I imagine this takes the height record from SeaWorld's Infinity Falls (which I've yet to see operating).

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Come on man... even I've ridden it, and I live in Ohio. Hahahaha.

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Rode Infinity Falls last month. Was also operating when I was there in December but it 70 degrees out so we skipped it. It was fun enough. Oh, and I live near

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I've ridden it too, and I live in WV.

And I've never even been to SeaWorld.

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I've ridden it 17 times, and I live on the moon, and I'm banned from SeaWorld, so....

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Promoter of fog.

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I'm riding it as I type this.


I’m not riding it today because it looks really lame, it’s kind of cold out, and the line is too long.

Ride Engineer Switzerland is composed of the original design and sales team of ABC Rides. A few years back, I discovered their booth at IAAPA and turns out the founder and his closest collaborators ended up leaving ABC Rides. Ride Engineer Switzerland was then found and created a new version of the cancelled for Hersheypark Frequent Faller roller coaster and two opened this year in France and Germany.

ABC Rides under the original management team built numerous smaller freefall rides for Merlin parks, river rapids rides, flumes, etc. I am not worried about Mystic River Falls as the kinks for that kind of water ride have already been ironed out in Europe.

For ABC Rides, they are now part of Intamin and share a booth at trade shows with them.

The height record is the odd one: its taller by 5 feet than Infinity Falls... but the record specifically mentions the Western Hemisphere. I am doing research into new parks in China as I have a feeling that the 45 feet rapids drop record has either been beaten there or will soon be with a new park. I rode a new Intamin rapids ride in Beijing in June and the drops weren't 45 feet tall, so that's not it.

WhiteWater West has a new spinning rapids ride that opened in China this year that include actual rapids, 4 lift hills, large drop, etc. Is that what is counted?

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Maybe the drop is taller, but the lift hill isn't? We all know how much that matters to everyone..

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